Thursday, November 17, 2011

Transformers: The Ride - Pictures, Commercial and VFX

Transformers: The Ride is just a few weeks away from officially opening at Universal Studios Singapore. Some spies there were able to score a bunch of pics from The Ride including a few details about its setup. Below is the first ad for the attraction that shows some of the CGI footage that has been created. The full gallery and details can be found here.

Speaking of special effects, The Ride blog has posted a brief Q&A with visual effects supervisor Jeff White who spoke about the work ILM put into creating the effects for the ride. It turns out a total of 30 seconds of "ride media" was created using designs from same team that worked on Dark of the Moon. The effects where rendered at 8k, 4x the resolution normally rendered at due to the needs of The Ride.

From the description, the ride sounds like the next generation of the old Back to the Future attraction from when Universal Studios first opened or the Star Trek Voyager ride in Las Vegas Star Trek attraction a while back. Up to 12 people (4 per row) get into a vehicle and through the use of 12 3D projection screens to create a 180 degree field of vision. This would cover your peripheral vision enough along with matching movements of the vehicle (not riding a track but moving within its space) to gives the illusion of being in the middle of the action.


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  2. The Simpsons Ride is like that and I loved it! they can tilt you more and turn you around on a greater scale then on a track

  3. This will be way better than the simpsons. My neighbor works for the one in Universal City and confirmed Presidents Day weekend is when Universal Hollywood plans to open the ride there.


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