Sunday, March 25, 2012

Transformers Linkfest - Masterpieces

In this addition of the linkfest, we have more 3rd party toys and finally some new official Transformers news from Takara with two additions to the Masterpiece line. There is also a look at more Generation One inspired unlicensed (which are banned from Botcon), creative use of Lego, a new Kre-O commercial, a "real" Transformer, GTA 4 mod, and two reviews.

Lego Transforming GameBoy
Hit the link for this cool creation. Built by Julius von Brunk, this is a GameBoy that transforms but made out of Lego. It is based on the first GameBoy released back in the late 1980s. (via Gizmodo)

Singapore Cybertron Con 2012 Recap
Hit the link for panel images that showcased some of the toys that Takara is working on for their 2013 Transformers Generations line that is expected to have 40+ figures. They also teased Transformers Prime Rumble and Kup, Masterpiece Sunstorm (repaint of MP 2.0 Starscream), and revealed that their next Masterpiece toy will MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe). Most of the Generations teases were repaints of previous Generations/Classic molds. Click here for images of Starscream's collectible coin.

3rd Party Masterpiece Soundwave Prototype
Fan Toys has revealed the prototype of FT-02 Acoustic Wave which scales to the size and detail of the Takara Masterpiece 2.0 Optimus Prime toy. The figure retains the boom box alt mode and looks like the transformation sequence will be pretty basic for a MP type figure. The potential looks good though. No idea on release date and cost.

Transformers: Prime Micron Gallery
In Japan, it seems Transformers: Prime fans will get a little bonus with their toys in the form of the Arms Micron figures that will come with the deluxe and voyager figures. The Microns are basically trigger masters that are simple transformations from weapon mode to robot mode. No idea if this will come stateside or not, or if it will increase the cost of the toys in Japan (and thus the import price). Not sure if worth the probably extra few bucks they would add to the cost. From what seen, the commander line is one of the best but the $9 price point makes the "upgrade" to deluxe ($12) or voyager size ($20) to be more cost effective. BTW, avoid buying the toys at Toys R Us. They are price gouging with $12 for commander, $15 for deluxe, and $26 for voyager size figures.

Mastermind Creations Line
3rd Party creator Mastermind Creations has revealed their slate of releases inspired on G1 toys and the Hearts of Steel comic book miniseries. The line includes Prominion, a tribute to Nova Prime, and Terminus Hexatron (not Sixshot). The Hearts line will be Air Screech, Warper, and Stormer aka Hearts of Steel Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker. Their alt modes are some old weird looking prop plane but the robot mode is sweet.

iGear not Sharkticon Prototype
iGear has revealed their color prototype of their not Sharkticon inspired by Transformers: The Movie called Shark Sentry. Again not date or cost available yet.

3rd Party not Brawn Prototype
iGear also posted a gallery that shows of the initial prototype of Hench from iGear. The detail looks pretty good. No dates or price yet for toy.

Botcon Bans 3rd Party Toys
For the April Botcon event, officially recognized by Hasbro, dealers have discovered their contracts have a stipulation that allows for the banning and permanent confiscation of any item that Botcon or Hasbro does not want at the event. A Botcon rep clarified the contract by saying that pretty much any un-licensed product (like say 3rd party Transformers) would fall under this. This would likely include any unlicensed non-Hasbro or Takara products as well. While I disagree entirely with this, it is a Hasbro sponsored event so the banning can be understood. The permanent change in ownership based on a whim is something I do have a problem with especially since there is really nothing preventing abuse of the rule to get a hard to find TF for free, just as an example. If I was a dealer, I would be very concerned about how this is enforced. Shame too for fans at Botcon who may want to get that hard to find 3rd party Transformer and now will be unable.

Megatron's Revenge Kre-O CommercialBelow is the latest stop motion Kre-O commercial featuring Megatron prepping to take on the Autobots.

"Real" Transformers FoundBelow is a quick video that shows sad Decepticon sadly being towed away. The vehicle was spotted in Moldova (for Soviet Union) and sports a Decepticon symbol on the front (wonder where they got that). Thanks to Vitalii for the heads-up and video.

Grand Theft Auto IV Movie Optimus Mod
Amusing video that shows a skin mod that has a human sized movie version of Optimus Prime wreaking havoc.

BTS-05 Nightfang and Savage Video Review
Below is a video review of not Ravage and not Ratbat cassettes inspired by the original G1 cassettes. The set costs $30 for both and is expected out in April. Pretty much it is for the die-hard collector. A gallery of the toys is here.

Transformers: Prime Happy Meal Toys Video Review
Below is a look at the TF Prime toys that currently come with Happy Meals through the end of the month. They are simple non-transformable gimmick toys good for really young kids.


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