Monday, April 02, 2012

Dark of the Moon Avoids The Razzies

Thanks to Jack & Jill, Transformers: Dark of the Moon "won" zero Razzies when the winners were announced on April Fools Day. The movie recieved seven nominations in the 10 "Worst of" categories which Michael Bay responded to with his own math for hte movie. In the end Adam Sandler and his movie Jack & Jill made a little Razzie history by being the first movie to sweep all the categories in the awards' 32 year history. The full details are here.


  1. Which just shows how fake and mafia Razzies are just like the Oscars.
    The first two Transformers movies were very good and got Razzies and no Oscars. Dark Of The Moon is a bad movie and got no Razzies and no Oscars, while it should have got tons of Razzies as per some simple logic.

    1. Dude im warning you right now... do not start a whole "which Traformers movies were good or bad" thing alright? for some reason that pisses people off i dont want to see this place become a war-zone of sorts...

    2. Since when a discussion blog or forum is not supposed to be used for talking about anything related?
      That is beyond crazy.
      Close the blog and don't allow comments if you don't want people to talk.


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