Friday, April 06, 2012

Transformers: Prime 2.08 Nemesis Prime Promo

Saturday night brings in the 7th new episode in a row for Transformers: Prime with the premiere of Nemesis Prime, described as "Optimus Prime seems to go on a destructive rampage, while MECH unveils their ultimate plan." In the comics Nemesis Prime is generally an evil version of Prime from an alternate universe that tends to have black and dark blue paint schemes. Based on the promo (below) and images, I assume the alternate universe angle will not be part of the story.

On a side note, Transformers: Prime is finally premiering in Japan to go along with the toys they have had a few months. I think its season 1 for them but not 100% sure. Details here.

Upcoming episodes:
04/14 Grill - Agent Fowler has some explaining to do under the threat of military tribunal and Team Prime's termination.
04/21 Armada - Bulkhead is trapped on the Decepticon Warship and amid dual tries on Megatron's life.
04/28 Flying Mind - The Decepticon Warship threatens humanity, and Raf, Jack and Miko are the only ones who can stop it.

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