Friday, April 13, 2012

Transformers Prime 2.09 Grill Promo, Clip

Tomorrow brings in the 9th straight new episode of season 2 of Transformers: Prime with "Grill", described as "Agent Fowler has some explaining to do under the threat of military tribunal and Team Prime's termination." Below is the promo and clip from the episode that premieres at 8:30pm Saturday on the Hub. The previous two episodes Crossfire and Nemesis Prime are available on The Hub website.

Upcoming episodes:
04/21 Armada - Bulkhead is trapped on the Decepticon Warship and amid dual tries on Megatron's life.
04/28 Flying Mind - The Decepticon Warship threatens humanity, and Raf, Jack and Miko are the only ones who can stop it.
05/05 Tunnel Vision - Arcee and Bumblebee go deep into New York's "underground" in an attempt to beat Megatron to the next four Iacon relics.


  1. Somehow I got a feeling that whoever General Bryce is he might know who Silas really is.

  2. So does Fowler. After the events of "Nemesis Prime" they discovered Sylas's true identity, Colonel Lelland Bishop who left the military after they mothballed his "Project Damocles", a network of satelite weapons. They talk about it during the episode.


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