Monday, April 16, 2012

Transformers: The Ride Staples Center Promo

As the image shows, Universal Studios Hollywood chose an interesting way to promote the upcoming launch of Transformers: The Ride. The ad on the side of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA gives the appearance that Megatron crashed through the side of the building. The LA Times says "A giant laminate stuck to the side of the sports venue makes it look as if an 80-foot tall, 20-ton metal alien creature from the movie "Transformers" busted a hole through the building. The laminate will remain on Staples Center until Tuesday." The Ride has a sneak preview the first week of May for season ticket holders and officially opens at the end of May.


  1. I hop ther is a transformers4

  2. *standing outside Staples Center* LOLZ!!!!

  3. We acted in the filming, it was fun!!


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