Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron HD Trailer, Info and Covers

Another day at E3 draws to a close with High Moon Studio's Matt Tieger making the rounds to promote Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. With it is the hi-def Metroplex trailer (below) that debuted yesterday, a look at the cover art (left), and info & video on multiplayer Escalation Mode.

From IGN, Game Informer (click for their video) about Escalation Mode:
- Mode has several difficulty levels, four players per stage, and different characters to choose per stage. Teamwork oriented but roaming allowed.
- Each character has a role with strength, abilities etc., so not all players can be the same character to help force teamwork.
- Players earn Energon to pay for upgrades to survive the next wave
- Each unlocked room comes with the mystery box "loot tube" that contains weapons and upgrades
- Upgrades impact entire team, not just an individual player.
- Other attack method includes traps (ex: flame wall) and auto-pilot gunship
- Everything in game as a cost, be it ammo, upgrades, etc.
- Weapons color coded to make it easier to know when a pick up will replace primary (yellow) or secondary weapon (blue)

From Tieger Q&A from Playstation Blog Comments and IGN's START podcast (video below):
- A goal was to avoid game play repetition making use of Transformers. Example is Grimlock
- Tries to deliver on nostalgia whenever possible. Example is opening movie with The Ark vs. Nemesis.
- "I can say that we have not discussed all [of the big bots] yet" when asked if Trypticon is in the game.
- "The story is official canon with Hasbro, but it is not tied to the recent films. This is the official story of how the Transformers came to leave Cybertron."
- Gameplay time is longer than War for Cybertron.
- G1 Optimus Prime pre-order is "a full new in game model, rather than just a skin."
- No plans for a Collector's Edition of the game.
- A Ultra Magnus toy could "could be a hint about his role in game."

Hands-on with CBR:
- First stage is Bumblebee, acts as a game tutorial
- Car mode has user triggered boost for large jumps or hop over enemies.
- Another demoed level is with the Decepticon Vortex with jet and helicopter alt modes
- Goal is to destroy an Autobot held bridge after Constructicons unable to from afar.
- Last demoed level was Grimlock's. Main weapon is sword and shield. Alt mode is T-Rex, available only when "rage" meter fills. T-Rex mode has fire breath and chomping.

START (at 19:10 mark)

Metroplex Trailer

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