Thursday, September 20, 2012

Transformers: Prime 2.20 Legacy Promo, TV Spot

A new episode of Transformers Prime is airing on The Hub at 7PM EST. The ep is called "Legacy" and described as "Megatron does his best to distract Optimus from the reality of a weapon of legend belonging to the Primes, which if discovered, could change the entire outcome of the war; Jack and his new Autobot companion set out on a mission." Below is the promo and clip for the episode. The two previous episodes, New Recruit (2.18) and The Human Factor (2.19) can be viewed at HubWorld. Also don't forget that Transformers: Prime Season Two 4-disc set will be released on November 20th. On a related note, Rescue Bots voice actor D.C. Douglas has blogged that it is getting a season two. It was kind of assumed but this is the first mention from anyone associated with the show.

Upcoming episodes:
09/28 Alpha; Omega (2.21) - The Omega Keys and the influential secrets they contain catch the interest of the Autobots; the powerful capabilities of the Primes are noticed by Megatron, who takes it upon himself to do whatever it takes to extract them for his own use.
10/05 Hard Knocks (2.22) - As the race grows more desperate, Knock Out harnesses the power of sound while Starscream the power of hyper speed.
10/12 Inside Job (2.23) - When Smokescreen is captured, he learns the location of the Omega Key and attempts to retrieve all the other stolen keys.

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  1. A 16 episode only Season 3? I smell abrupt cancellation and no ending. So when does the next series debut? Fall 2016?


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