Thursday, October 25, 2012

Transformers Prime Producer on Show Mythology, Beasts

In an interview with Hero Complex, Transformers Prime producer Jeff Kline talked a little bit about the last two seasons of the show and the upcoming third. The full interview is here, highlights below.

- From series start, had three seasons planned out but as "wanted it to get more epic", the idea of self contained episodes "became impossible." Also that 3 season roadmap was burned up by early season 2 "which is pretty typical."

- Having a full time writing staff allowed them to plot story arcs out. Normally cartoons have a story editor and freelance the writers.

- "the end of Season 2 will paint us into a corner and hopefully you’ll be surprised at how we get ourselves out of it. For Season 3, we’re actually bringing Beasts into the story, which is a big game-changers. Not necessarily “Beast Wars” way or “Dino-bots” but Beasts, which are part of the Transformers lore."

- "Season 3 will be even more about how Earth and Cybertron are brother, or twin, planets in some way. And, as we’ve been doing for two seasons, allegiances will change, good guys and bad guys will switch sides, new elements will be brought in and old elements will be sent away."


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