Sunday, October 07, 2012

Tyrese Back for Transformers 4?

In an interview with Mobli Tyrese Gibson indicated he was talking with Michael Bay about reprising his role of Robert Epps for Transformers 4. The discussion is in the literal early stages (text messages) so subject to change. Tyrese has already said before he was up for a return so all this indicates is Bay may be open to the idea also. Whatever story Bay comes up with there is likely to be a military component to it so why not have a military based character or two act as a bridge between the first trilogy and this "new direction" that Hasbro and Bay are planning. Transcript of TF4 section below, full video here.
“I don’t know… me and Michael Bay, we’ve been exchanging e-mails… I mean Text Messages and I just hope that it works out… I mean things fell apart with Megan Fox and so we had to do what we had to do to pick up the pieces and keep moving with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. And now things fell apart with Shia. Business is business I think. I think Shia has expressed his opinion. I think when you are associated with movie like Transformers other than the box-office sees you as an actor... a full-on actor, lot of people arguably can say they don’t take you serious… in this town called “Hollywood”... because the reason all these doing big is because of the robots, the big action and special effects and so in some capacity could diminish your value as an actor which you bring to the table. Even though it’s huge for your brand and your image and your celebrity around the world. But Shia is one of those real actors full-on real actors... whether gets an independent role where he just get paid Per diem or at some role he’s just passionate about and that he may do for free. As long as he gets associated with these heavy-weight actors… that’s the space he’s been. But for me I started this s*** with Shia, Josh, Michael Bay and the Team and sometimes you lose a team member. In my mind not be in a part with Transformers 4… if that’s even happening… it f**** me up. I’ll be honest… I love it. It was the childhood, movie, favorite of mine… you know I don’t really not wanna be a part of the franchise. Period. You know when you lose a team member sometimes you gotta keep going. Period.”


  1. I watched "Wall Street: The Money Never Sleeps" with Michael Douglas and Shia and Shia did a really great performance. He clearly has acting chops.

  2. This time Michael Bay at least should cast Morena Baccarin in the main female role. She is both gorgeous, hot and a very good actress that can act.

  3. Wow
    A blog just for Transformers, that's simply awesome. We need a G.I. Joe and HE-MAN Blog too

  4. I always like to see the same actors come back for sequels. It adds so much more to the movie.

  5. Martinus Prime10/08/2012 6:40 PM

    While I do love Shia in TF, I will miss him a little bit, but I do think we need to go forward with new guidelines. He is indeed a good and also serious actor. He does indie films also.

    But we do need military characters and I love Tyrese in action movies, he has te be a part of TF4! He needs to get tied into the military aspect again. And Josh Duhamel also! I guess it coul go like, Lennox needs Epps's experience to help new soldiers and also help astronauts that'll need info/feedback, when we/they go into space.

    I hope Tyrese is definitly coming back as Epps! Epps is awesome!

  6. Epps rules!

  7. these movies focus too much on the military and barely anytime on the Autobots


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