Sunday, November 11, 2012

Linkfest - Cassettes

Been a few weeks since the last linkfest of toys news. Upcoming releases include Masterpiece Soundwave and his cassettes, Takara has a great slate coming for Japan, the third party manufactureres have more gestaults in the works, and lots of reviews including Masterpiece Prime, MP Sideswipe, Screecher and more.

Masterpiece Soundwave - Gallery | MP Cassettes & MP-10B
MP-13 Soundwave with Laserbeak was expected to be released mid-December but now that has been bumped back to January 26th, 2013. Encore 23 Fortress Maximus was already delayed with a March 30th release date. Not if that means that MP-15 Frenzy & Buzzsaw and MP-16 Rumble & Ravage are getting pushed from their February 23rd and March 23rd release dates. In the meantime hit the links to view these upcoming figures. Again no info if Hasbro is considering a stateside release (but don't see why they wouldn't at some point). MP-10B is Takara exclusive repaint of Masterpiece Prime (see video below) in the Nemesis Prime colors but without a trailer. Doubt this repaint will get a stateside release.

Takara Exclusives - GT Series | Deluxe Seeker Set | Silas, Nemesis Prime and Smokescreen | Encore Devastator 20A, 23 Fortress Maximus | Takara Generations | FoC Cassettes, in Package
Takara is releasing a few Asian market exclusives. One is a kind of successor to their BinalTech and Alternity line called GT Series where a Transformers character is giving an official real world vehicle alt mode. The two so far are Prime and Savior (Prime repaint in Ultra Magnus colors). No idea what make and model the vehicle is. The Classics Seeker set with Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp in the Asian market. Currently no plans for a North America release. The set is really the Classics 1.0 Starscream mold from around 2005 times 3 with different paint jobs. As is typical of any of the seekers. Silas Breakdown is a slightly remold of Breakdown with new head sculp and Silas kind of painted into his chest cavity. Nemesis Prime is a black paint job of Prime and Smokescreen is a not quite cartoon accurate. Encore Davastor and Fortress Maximus are the Takara re-release of these original G1 toys in packaging from that time. The 20A designation is because its a repaint with modified head mold to more accurately reflect his cartoon look. Takara Generations is official images of their upcoming releases of the Fall of Cybertron Combaticons, Ultra Magnus, Starscream, and Soundwave. No clue when these are getting released stateside. One of the cool things about the Fall of Cybertron Soundwave is Hasbro and Takara used that as an opportunity to bring back the cassette characters with alt modes of data discs. Personally I am looking for ward to getting these in four sets of two each. Again no idea when available stateside.

3rd Party Galleries - The Fallen | Eagle
Paladin is from MakeToys with an estimate release date of December for around $105. The toy is based on the comic version of the character, not the Bay movie one. His alt mode is a kind of Cybertronian tank that is just ok but the robot mode looks cool. TFC Toys has decided to continue their success with Hercules (not Devastator) by creating Uranus, aka Superion. Superion is the combination of five Arielbots. So far just one figure, Eagle (not Air Raid) has been revealed.

Future King Scans
Hit the link to view images of Takara's released for the next 6 months or so. Most are viewable from links above but nice way to see them all clumped together. My personal favorite is the transforming ball caps. No idea on their release date or if available for import but I sure hope so as I really want.

Video Reviews - Wheelie | Rumble | Kup & Ironhide | Gaia Unicron
Generations Wheelie is an Asian Exclusive that is being sold only at Toys R Us and is a repaint of Generations Jazz in Wheelie colors. Really not a bad toy as far as deluxes go but not sure worth picking up if already own the mold. Deluxe Rumble is a new addition to the Transformers Prime line. Not bad but debatable if worth the now $15 cost of the deluxe line. Kup and Ironhide are the same molds with different colors and head sculpts based on the character. Kup has been released stateside but Ironhide is currently only in the Asian market. Again not bad, the deluxe line as a whole remains very solid. Gaia Unicron is just a weird Takara release that is unlikely to make it way stateside. Have to watch the video to understand.

Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime - Hasbro vs Takara Review
Video review that compares the the Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime with his Takara counterpart. The toy is now out at TRU but with a 20% price increase to $120 (but TRU has been putting out a lot of coupons so might be able to get one to reduce back to $100). Long story short, this is worth getting. One of the best Transformers ever made. Another review can be found here.

Masterpiece Lambor (Sideswipe) Review
Takara just released its latest Masterpiece line figure. MP-12 Lambor, called Sideswipe in the States, has his classic G1 Lamborghini alt mode officially licensed from the company. Another solid additional to the MP line that is worth picking up, just not sure if might think worth the $90 price tag considering he is about deluxe size. So far Hasbro has not indicated he will be released stateside but I would be shocked if he wasn't sometime next year. Another take is here. Gallery of images here. MP-14 will be Red Alert, a white/red repaint of this mold.

iGear Mini Warriors Hench and UFO Review
Review of iGears unofficial update on G1 Cosmos and Brawn. The pair are actually pretty good toys that are well constructed with decent transformation sequence and articulation. The sticking point is the $35 each price tag. Available now.

Mastermind Creations Screecher Review
The next review is for Screecher, aka The Hearts of Steel Starscream. The figure has an impressive robot mode with a just ok plane alt mode with lots of great touches. It is not for children as it has lots of pointy parts. It is available now for around $90 with other seekers coming (same mold, different paintjob) in a few months. Gallery here.

Toyworld Throttlebot Grind Rod Review
Grind Rod is based on his G1 Throttlebots Rollbar that were released on 1987. Then the toys transformations were very simple with virtually no articulation. It seems Toy World plans to release their version of all six Throttlebots over the course of 2013 but added a new component the orginial toys never had - a combiner mode. Exactly what the combined figure will look like remains unknown as do what the other five will look like. Still, their first one looks like a pretty great addition to any collection if willing to pay the $70 price tag for a deluxe sized toy. Another review is here.


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