Monday, December 17, 2012

Transformers 4 Script Summary? Unlikely

Unleash the Fan Boy is claiming they have been given a copy of the script for Transformers 4. Nothing about the film reads like "A Michael Bay film". It really reads like a fan fiction wish list (aka re-imagining of Transformers: The Movie) that does nothing to make it seem credible. All previous films had "leaked scripts" that turned out to be false so take the story with a grain of salt and then some. Below is the highlights. A bit more detail on the fake script can be found at It seems the initial site left out a few details (ends with Autobots putting up a Christmas tree among others) as a means of trying to make the story more credible when even a cursory glance would have screamed fake. AKA this is an effective link bait story so I decided to kill the link to the offending website.

- Big bad: Unicron
- Opens 4 years later during a meteor storm damage (like in 1st film).
- One of the objects is giant metal ball from another dimension designed by Vector Prime, guardian of Primus.
- Search begins for Primus while Galvatron attacks a Colorado installation containing the dead bodies of Deceptions from TF3 and weapons designed from Cybertronian technology.
- At some point Galvatron attempting to read the Decepticons memory banks get taken over by Megatron's consciousness.
- The installation is destroyed but one survivor is able to use the tech to turn herself into Circuit Breaker (Generation One comic character)
- A mention is made of Special Ops Sergeant Beller with a few kids but nothing that indicates the leaked father role for Mark Walhberg, his daughter and her boyfriend.
- Using time travel Optimus, Prime and Autobots find Prius at Mt. St Helens (aka were the Ark crashed in the G1 cartoons) on the day it erupted.
- After doing whatever in the past they return to the present to protect a portal at Stonehenge that Primus is supposed to return through.
- Meanwhile, Circuit Breaker is killing any Transformer regardless of faction but of course eventually joins the Autobots.
- While the portal seige continues, the Dinobots hope through to help.
- Unicron arrives, Primus pops up, ends Unicron and uses his corpse to create a new Cybertron.


  1. Feels a little bit ... too far out there so to speak.
    Timetravel, Unicron and Primus, Circuit Breaker and Galvatron.

    I think the story will be a bit more down to earth, the fuzziness of the 2nd movie still haunts me. If I hadn't read the prequal-comics that movie would have made no sense at all, and even after reading them, it hardly did.

    I'm guessing human experimentation on dead Transformers and a schism regarding Autobot leadership.

    Unicron just feels a little too big, but with Pacific Rim coming out maybe Bay wants to up the scale again.

  2. this also feels like Bay is focusing on the humans again

  3. I can tell you 100% this is fake because there is no script yet :)

  4. It just sounds like something fan made they haven't finished the script yet.

  5. Bay says it's a fake...that he and Ehren Kruger are the only people with copies of the unfinished script and that currently only 70 pages have been written.

  6. Sounds more like a plot summary for a season of Transformers: Prime....

  7. While I agree that this is for sure a fake, I do have to disagree on one aspect. You said that all previous movies had script leaks early that were fake, but that's actually false. The early script leak for the first movie was indeed the real deal, as I remember owning a copy and reading it a good year or so before the movie was released, and it was identical to the finished movie, just with different names for 90% of the Transformers characters and some dialog for those characters was removed and/or changed.


  9. @The B-Movie Shelf: exactly. The studios itself clearly "leaks" the scripts on the 'net as a quick free survey on people to see what to do about that script, what people want.
    Unfortunately with the 3rd movie even more than the 2nd one they screwed it up completely.
    The "fake" leaked script for the 3rd movie had time travel too and it was surely way better than anything they put in the final boring script.

  10. You can grab it here:
    Not bad really, Sgt. Beller has a daughter, and her boyfriend is some kind of grease monkey.

  11. As nonsensical as this script is , it will probably make more sense than the movie


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