Thursday, February 21, 2013

The AllSpark Returns for Transformers 4?

Is The Cube, aka the device that gives Transformers life, returning to the big screen in Transformers 4? Possibly, at least based on an NPR article about set decorators whose attention to details helps bring a set to life. One aspect of the article focuses on Transformers 4 set decorator Rosemary Bradenburg (image left) who along with Paramount archivist Randall Thropp (jokingly recoiling in fear) look over the hero AllSpark Cube prop used in the first Transformers film. Based on below it sounds like it just be used as a easter egg for fans but maybe more. (via TFW2005)
Sometimes, objects have to be made for a film by Hollywood's many artisans. Some of these pieces are housed and protected at the Paramount Studios Archives in Hollywood. There's a faux Russian nuclear launch device and a telephone from Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, along with various items from the Transformers films, including an 8-inch cube made to look metallic — it's really a wooden box — and patterned with wavy lines and mysterious symbols. It's called the AllSpark Cube, introduced in Transformers (2007) as the key to the robot alien civilization.

"Some people call it the MacGuffin of the movie, which means the thing that drives the plot," says Rosemary Brandenburg, the set decorator on that film, who is now returning to work on the new Transformers, starring Mark Wahlberg.

A little movie factoid: The AllSpark Cube was technically a prop in the first Transformers, because an actor actually touched and even ran with it. Brandenburg thinks the cube might make a reappearance in Transformers 4 as set decoration. It's too early to tell. But archivist Randall Thropp says that unfortunately, she can't take the AllSpark and use it in the film.

"That is the only cube we have, right here," Thropp says. It resides in a glass showcase.

Brandenburg can borrow the cube and make copies, though. "A movie set is a pretty dangerous place for things," she says. "We have to repair things constantly. Our special-effects brothers and sisters are running around blowing things up, and our stunt brothers and sisters, too."


  1. NO! It's been destroyed! Multible times!

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    Thumbs up TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family

    TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family!

    Michael Bay

    So.. Michael Bay ruined Transformers3 when he fired Megan Fox and now he is getting her back for TMNT and not for Transformers4 ?
    That doesn't make any damn sense. Indeed.
    Bay looks even more unprofessional now.

    1. Martinus Prime2/22/2013 4:59 PM

      Wake up call! Steven Spielberg fired Megan Fox, not Michael Bay. Spielberg is still an executive producer on TF4, so no Megan Fox for TF4.

      And in your opinion, the girl/love interest makes a TF movie good??? I thought the Transforming robots did..... I guess I missed something.

  4. Michel Bay ruined transformers period. I don't know why he is still directing it, hes only good at blowing stuff up and about everything else hes not.

    1. Martinus Prime2/22/2013 4:55 PM

      Go cry in your bedroom, you sad people need to put a sock in it and grow up!
      Ooh Michael Bay ruined TF for me, boohoo. How old are you? Immature haters. If you don't like it, don't watch it! Go watch the cartoons and stop complaining!

    2. And you like how Michel does it

  5. i just wathched a video and there is a rumor that hot rod might replace bumble bee

    1. hot rod won't replace bumblebee

  6. You guys wanna hear some even more bad news about michael bay.... He's recently decided to cast MEGAN FOX...(you read that right) in the new TMNT movie he's producing!!!??!?!? What The F@£$

  7. someone already posted that very comment.

  8. Martinus Prime2/22/2013 4:51 PM

    I do hope the AllSpark returns in the movie, that would be awesome!!
    There are plenty things it can be used for.

    But this Thropp guy is a tool, ofcourse they can make many replicas of the cube, they can be used for action scenes.
    Note that the original also was used in action scenes, heck, in TF1 the Camaro Concept was the only model of that car that excisted, no spare parts what so ever. They had to be really careful with that first Camaro, not to dent it.


  10. And like i said before a might say it again and again i hate when people say the robots look like twisted scrapmetal or something like that.if you want to see for yourself go to youtube and look up 3d optimus prime and click the g1 white and blue looking the comments and you will exacly what i mean.Micheal Bay him self said that would be lame for the my opionion simple transformations would be bland. i ilke bays desighs better and the transformation are unique and have musical like transformation sounds that never get old. this is my biggest pet peeve as a transformers fan. tell me your opinion on this.

  11. I think it would be cool if the cube came back with galvatron killing optimus for the matrix so he can use it to restore the cube forcing rodimus to reclaim the matrix and the cube before galvatron use it to restor cybertron.


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