Sunday, March 31, 2013

Transformers 4 Filming Starts at End of May

At a the premiere of G.I. Joe: Retaliation that just came out, Transformers and Joe producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura answered a few questions about the movie including the suggestion of a G.I. Joe vs Transformers movie. He said that he starts on Transformers 4 "at the end of May."

On a not really related note, he also said while he would be open to a G.I. Joe vs Transformers movie if the story was right, he doubts it will happen. So do I, the budget alone would make it non-starter even assuming a great story that could juggle that many characters could be written.
"I guess it’s possible. I don’t know. I think I probably at this moment, I resist it. I don’t know necessarily why, but I just think there’s so much that’s so rich in the mythologies that I don’t think they need to draw from the other. I think, I didn’t rule it out for me and I think those things have somehow for me, sort of in the past, they made me feel like a little bit cynical exercises in just drawing money out of something. It’s not to say you couldn’t do it well, but both these properties have such rich mythologies with so many characters, that you could go a lot of movies before you start running out of ideas of what to do. But it’s not to say, if we found the right… I’d hate to set out to do that, but if I heard a story where we went, “Oh my God…,” I could see a story right now about machination, machination of war and that could lead you sort of intrinsically to a Transformer. I think in general, Marvel is doing it within their own universe, right? And so it doesn’t feel gimmicky in that way. I think that’s what I would really try to resist."
The Joe vs. TF idea was part of several (not really good) mini-series over the years that are hampered by the the fact that the writers are not allowed to upset the status quo so pretty much nothing of consequence can happen. If IDW and Hasbro revisits the idea in the future they really need to go "Elseworlds" with it so writers are free to tell a story that can be an awesome standalone collection of epic storytelling ala Kingdom Come, Age of Apocalypse and others where the writers understood the "reset" was at the end so could do what they wanted. Thanks to PirateGeek for the link.

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