Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bay on TF4: "Chase from Hell"

While its not much to go on, Michael Bay provided a micro-tease for Transformers 4 that starts filming in a month or so. He told ComingSoon that the plot of the movie is a "Chase from Hell." Hopefully more details might emerge as Bay makes the rounds to promote his film Pain & Gain that is coming out on April 26th. Feel free to speculate in the comments exactly what he means with his tease.

As for the logo attached to this post it was created by Pixel Rally's Jeffrey Marshall. It is NOT an official new logo from Paramount or Hasbro even though it looks so awesome I understand if others might think so. If grabbing it to post elsewhere, please make sure to give him and his site credit. Also thanks to Jeff for the new banner at the top of the blog. He provided a few other Autobot versions that I will also post in the future.

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