Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Entire Transformers Trilogy Filming This Summer?

An update on Michael Bay's official website Shoot for the Edit has a new post on April 1st that simply says "Transformers 4, 5, & 6 will begin filming back to back starting June 2013. More details to follow." The site admin Nelson later commented in the forums saying, "When was the last time you saw us joke around here?" when asked if the post was part of April Fools Day.

Now that the day is over, the post is still up and there has not been the usual note indicating its a joke. I delayed on posting about it because it reads like an April Fools joke. I am still not convinced it isn't. There are several reasons to think it is fake. Money is one. It would require Paramount and Hasbro to commit at least $500 million (if not more) to the franchise. The only studio to ever do that was New Line (now owned by Warner Bros) for The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy. I frankly just don't see Paramount top level having the cojones to do it.  Its too big a risk when there are safer choices. If TF4 breaks a $1 billion again, then can see them committing to TF5 and 6 for back to back filming but not all three.

The other reason is the a big machine that drives all tent pole movies seems to not be involved - the marketing department. News like this is not something that Paramount or Hasbro is going to want revealed via Bay's website. This is the kind of thing that is used to command a Hollywood news cycle with an exclusive via a major publication or website with Bay, movie producers and main leads available to answer interview questions with all the other major Hollywood magazines, websites, and TV shows.  Also keep in mind that Paramount has yet to even confirm that Nicola Peltz is the female lead in the movie. I would think they would do one before doing the other.  In short, until Paramount confirms it, treat it as the April Fools joke it likely is.

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