Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bumblebee's Alt Mode Confirmed for Transformers 4 has confirmed that the yellow and black vehicle photographed at Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park where Transformers 4 is currently filming is the alt mode of Bumblebee. The site says 'Bee is a "highly modified, vintage 1967 Camaro SS." Hi-res images of the car can be found here.

What kind of customizations have been added? Pro-Touring forums might have some ideas as they have noticed that the custom design of Bumblebee seems to match what "Mr Vengeance" built two years ago for his '67 Camaro. The details on his mods are here. Thanks to J1000, Tony and others for the links.


  1. Seriously?

  2. I'm ok with Bumblebee's new alt mode. It sticks with the Camaro but what the fuck is with the colour scheme. For a Transformer named Bumblebee he has almost NO YELLOW.

    1. Have you ever seen Stealth Bumblebee ?, if you haven't look it up....

  3. The color schemes on these cars makes it look like their making a cartoon

  4. Looks pretty freakin' fantastic.


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