Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Names of Two New Autobots Revealed? (Updated)

JoBlo think they have the character names for the two new Autobot vehicles being used in Transformers 4. The site reports "According to the source the C7 Corvette Stingray is named "Slingshot" and the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse is named "Drift". There are two Autobots with the same names from Transformer's first generation of characters but it isn't completely clear if they will be the same characters or just share the same names." The site previously had provided a list of potential characters in the film including the Dinobots. Drift is a recent creation from the IDW comic book series and not part of the original toy line. Slingshot was a member of the Aerialbots and consistently had a plane alt mode for the various toy lines.

Bay's Shoot for the Edit admin commented, "This is the 4th movie, you would think these guys would've learned by now that production names DO NOT EQUAL final name". If take his statement literally, it seems the names are correct but the final decision has not been made on keeping them. Despite his claim, most of the pre-production names for the characters went on to be used in the movies and toys. All this remains in the rumor category as Optimus Prime is currently the only officially confirmed Transformer character returning to the franchise. The site tweeted the below video to show off the speed of the Bugatti.



  2. Well I guess I'll be the first to complain already.....First of all I think the new cars along with Optimus's new look is pretty fu*ci#g sweet, leave it to Bay to use the name of an Aerialbot for a different Autobot, can't he just stick to the name that is supposed to go with each can't be that difficult!


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