Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bay Comments on Transformers 4 Title Speculation

After months long drought, Michael Bay has posted a comment to the Shoot for the Edit forums about speculation on the sub-title of Transformers 4.
There are rumors flying around from various media sites about the title of the next Transformers.

I wanted you to hear from me directly that we have not yet chosen a title and anything being reported is absolutely not true.

When we have a title to announce, I promise you will hear it from me first.

You are probably asking "what title rumors?". I have no idea what he is talking about. I have not read of any sites reporting to know what the sub-title is nor seen any attempt at a guess. With the previous movies' interesting choices of "Revenge of the Fallen" and "Dark of the Moon" about any mad-lib title that follows the potential format of " of " would work. So joining these pretend rumors, I am going to guess titles that use TF references like "Rise of the Primes", "Rise of Galvatron", "Fall of the Autobots", or "Rage of the Decepticons". If want to go in the "Moon" direction what about "Fasting of the Furious", "Chase of the Humans", "Building of the Ramp"... What are your mad-lib guesses?

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Marshall of Pixel Rally. Not an official logo of Transformers 4.


  1. The Arrival of Unicron

  2. Explosion of the Boobs!
    (lol Nostalgia Critic reference)

  3. Seems what he's referring to is 'Rise of Galvatron' as theres a logo floating round the net with it, Probably we have heard it from him already, 'Chase from Hell' the names tend to be a bit vague... But it doesn't have 'of the' in it...

  4. The wake of chaos

    'in the wake of chaos one shall stand, one shall fall.

  5. How about rise of the dinobots

  6. Worst of the lot,
    Ego of the Bay,
    Delusions of the director....are all good choices I think

  7. chase from hell maybe.. that is too obvious how about The chosen one if the Lambo is Hotrod or Chaos Bringer if its Unicron or 5 faces of darkness if its the Quintessons. well what the hell im not good with titles.

  8. Historically about half of Bay's denials have ended up being sad attempts to mislead...

  9. I agree Wynton. He's just trying to "wag the dog" and start rumors by denying it. That said, "Rise of Galvatron" would be awesome. I'd vote for "Revenge of Reflector."

  10. The Traveling Destroyer as in reference to this "evil ancient transformer"


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