Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hi-Res Images from Taylor, TX Set With New Cast Member

A set of 92 pictures by JasonBo from the Taylor, Texas set of Transformers 4 on June 13th reveals a few more nuggets about the filming. The pictures indicate that the town play a part in the "chase from hell", a potential shoot-out with police, that the soldiers in black SUVs are with the US government (but what agency remains unknown), that Lucas Black (Friday Night Lights, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift) has joined the cast as a soldier, and that Nicola Peltz looks good from behind. Also, as Sam points out, there are signs with the names of "Tessa", "Shane", "Savoy", and "Lucas" taped on the side of two trailers. Are they character first names or referencing names of actors? For instance does this mean Nicola's character name is Tessa Vincent? Below are a few choice photos to highlight these things but really worth checking out the entire set (most mirrored here).

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