Friday, August 02, 2013

Another Transformers 4 Prop Image

A few days ago pictures were posted of some large detailed prop as it was driving to an unknown destination in Michigan. Thanks to an image provided by Mark S. here is an image of a new prop that might have something to do with Transformers 4 that was taken at Design Concepts in Plymouth, Michigan.. At least it seems likely part of TF4 filming as not sure of what other movie in the state might use something like that. I can't tell if its the same ship prop from another angle, a completely different one or maybe another piece of the whole. We will likely find out for sure soon as production continues in the state for the next few weeks.


  1. Martinus Prime8/02/2013 5:24 AM

    Awesome looking pieces! The shippiece in the front looks like it is a part of a Decepticon ship from DOTM, it looks broken apart and I think this or all these props will be used by the human scientists, to study it and take TF technology from it and to built the ship, we saw a few days ago.
    That gun in the right does look, like it's a gun from a Decepticon ship. At least the barrel does.

  2. Yeah, it is definetly part of a ship from DOTM! Looks like the human scientists have made it smaller for probably their use to combat Decepticons and/or attack the Autobots. In DOTM the Autobots were able to bring Sentinel Prime and its cargo and etc... without permission from Charlotte Mearrings department and Government officials, therefore I think in this movie humans will try to 'control' the Autobots, just in case they go rogue again (Sentinel Prime). In other words, humans want to be control of the earth.

  3. where are the frikken decepticons?

    So for some time there's been speculation as to who are where the F are the big bads themselves? Recent message boards have shown that the crew on set have named the black truck and the lambo as autobots so that leaves the pagani the rally car the rally fighters and the two hummers as possible decepticons but there has to be more than that. So are they all gonna be cgi?

    Well I'm here to bounce an idea around you just try to think how China and it's culture it's history and traditions will tie in with the story I'm really steering towards the herald of unicron bludgeon being like discovered Indiana Jones style in an old Chinese temple or some *beep* and like the Ming dynasty or you know those like clay samurai army things you've seen in museums? Forgot what they are called but yeah imagine that. Bludgeon in some sort of tomb thing and then a whole army of old samurai like protoforms. Baddass right

  4. That looks like Decepticon tech to me!

  5. Last one of these pics shows a pole with a face image of one robot. Once again a human looking face.

  6. It looks like the Dinobot Slag to me it has horns, a nostril, mouth and a eye slit near the horn to me!


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