Saturday, January 18, 2014

Partial Takara Transformers: Age of Extinction Product List, Release Date

A few months ago an accidental leak from Hasbro revealed some of the various toys they are planning for their Transformers: Age of Extinction line. Now a leak to indicates what Takara-Tomy is planning to do on their side of the world. The leak provides the Japan release date for the line will be May 17, 2014. Based on that, chances are the US release will be either the same day or very close to that date.

It also provides a breakdown across various classes but since its heavy on previous line releases with mold and paint alterations, I assume it is an incomplete list. In addition, the comments indicate that per usual for Takara, they will continue to one-up Hasbro with greater attention to the paint deco and details. Their intent is a "movie accurate deco", more metallic look, "realistic tone", re-issuing past movie molds with movie accurate decos, and creating new toys based on the first three movies starting with the Mountain Dew vending machine from TF1. I would not be the least bit surprise if Hasbro takes Takara's line and releases them in the states as store exclusives and repaints. Not sure what the "Classic" designation means. My best guess is a merge of the G1 look with the movie.

Leader: TF4 Optimus Prime,
Voyager: TF4 Optimus Prime, TF4 Grimlock, TF2 Optimus Prime
Deluxe: TF4 Bumblebee, Southpaw, Thunderlips, TF3 Bumblebee, TF1 Protoform Optimus Prime, TF1 Starscream, TF1 Dispenser, TF2 Jolt, TF3 Ratchet
Legend: Devastator 7-pack

Toy list with comments:
- Leader Optimus Prime (AD01) - Movie accurate deco on OP, face has more silver, added fire pattern on chest and legs, more metallic finishing than US version
- Voyager Classic Optimus Prime (AD02) - Movie accurate deco, silver paint of face, fists and wheels, fire pattern shoulders
- Voyager Ivan [Grimlock] (AD03) - Movie accurate deco on Dinobots, more metallic but darker (realistic) tone on products
- Deluxe Classic Bumblebee (AD04) - Movie accurate deco, more detail with black horn and leg and arm deco
- Deluxe Southpaw (AD05) - Movie accurate deco on Dinobots, more metallic but darker (realistic) tone on products
- Deluxe Slingshot (AD06) - Movie accurate deco, black tampo on arm, more detail face deco, stripes are added to car mode to be movie accurate
- Deluxe Thunderlips (AD07) - Movie accurate deco on Dinobots, more metallic but darker (realistic) tone on products
- Deluxe Battle Blade Bumblebee (AD08) - Best deluxe Bumblebee (fans claimed it to be) in first three movies, new premium deco: included golden body paint, vacuum metallic silver axe and cannon
- Deluxe Protoform Optimus Prime (AD09) - MV1 OP protoform OP with G1 color scheme, look totally fresh, vacuum metallic silver weapon
- Deluxe Starscream (AD10) - MVS Starscream taken off alien tattoo, added MV1 movie deco
- Deluxe Dispenser (AD11) - MV1 Payload redeco with new head and color to become Dispenser (MV1 softdrink vending machine) adding new weapon (shooting softdrink cans as in movie)
- Voyager Revenge Optimus Prime (AD12) - Best voyager OP (fans claimed it to be) in first three movies, using Striker OP (DA28,MV3) deco onto this MV2 OP
- Legend Combo Devastator (AD13) - combo pack all seven vehicles can transform to robots and combine. Movie accurate deco (dusty look) and detail coloring
- Deluxe Jolt (AD14) - MV2 Jolt color, new weapons (whips) replacing MechTech weapons
- Deluxe Ratchet (AD15) - G1 color for MV3 Ratchet, replace MechTech weapon with Beast Hunter sword


  1. Dispenser! Yes! (even if it is a retool). I swear, Hasbro, Mt Dew, and Microsoft missed some major chances to cash in on the all spark created bots from the first movie.

  2. LOL...Thunderlips? Does it transform into Hulk Hogan?

    1. Martinus Prime1/20/2014 12:15 PM

      Haha, that's the first thing what came to my mind too! :-)
      But the new bot names are still tentative, so they still don't know the names of the new bots and cons, not even the Dinobots.


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