Friday, May 23, 2014

FIFA World Cup Bumps Transformers 4 Release

In the United States, soccer (aka football) is not really all that popular among the adult set. Its like middle schoolers play, a few might be able to play it in high school and college (depending on school district), but as far as a national "event", its essentially persona non grata. It gets about as much attention as poker championships by which means games air time on an ESPN channel or a spanish channel when there isn't a US football, baseball or some other sport to air instead.

However in most places elsewhere in the world, football is a very big deal. If the Super Bowl is our big sports event of the year, multiple that popularity by several orders of magnitude to grasp football (aka soccer)'s level of popularity elsewhere. As a result, it doesn't come as a surprise that once someone at Paramount realized that Transformers: Age of Extinction was going to be released in some countries at the same time the month long FIFA World Cup 2014 was going to happen, they decided to simply get out of the way and change their release dates to after the World Cup. So if you are in a country where football is popular, click here to view Transformers 4's revised release dates for countries around the world.


  1. Ouch. Wasn't someone from the UK on here a few weeks ago bragging about getting to see TF4 before it premiered in the U.S.?

    1. Actually, I was the guy bragging about getting to see TF4 before it releases in the U.S and still will. However, I am not from the UK. The UK was initially was to premiere TF4 somewhere at the start of July, so I was saying how it sucks to be them being have to avoid spoilers for two weeks. But it really sucks how some countries have to wait even longer, sucks to be you people.

  2. Phew, here in Portugal still June 26th. Hope it stays there.


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