Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sydney Pre-Screening Description and Story Details

Yesterday a press event was held in Sydney, Australia to help promote Transformers: Age of Extinction that Mark Wahlberg participated in. The event included around 15 minutes of footage from the film that based on the description (below) was probably the same as what was shown to theater execs at CinemaCon. A TFW2005 member posted a blog post describing the footage scenes. The info does confirm a few fan story assumptions. Since it is a description of story beats, spoiler warning!
The 2D footage had the new stuff and it was really focused on the beginning of the movie so here is what I saw that was new to me:

* There was a quick shot of an actual raptor style dinosaur, not a transformer. Obviously something tied into the dinobot that maybe tells there story? Not sure.

* Lucas (curly haired guy) gets to say a few words. Obviously works for Cade (Mark Wahlberg) as his assistant mechanic. Didnt say anything really important

* Cade is very much a kid in a blokes body.

* Shane (boyfriend) is introduced right after Prime breaks out of the barn. Prime obviously gets away and Shane rocks up in his Rally Car to pick up Cade, Tessa, Lucas and escape. They get chased by FBI dune buggy style cars that looked pretty cool.

* Now this next bit was slightly disappointing. GALVATRON IS REMOTE CONTROLLED BY HUMANS! The humans send in Galvatron to get Prime and fight starts. Galvatron gets beat up but once Lockdown arrives and shoots Prime, the humans pull Galvatron out. So he lives on and will probably pop up later in the movie I would assume!

* There is still no reason behind why Lockdown is on earth so can't shine light there but once Prime has been shot, Lockdown pulls him up into the ship by the net and this is also the point where Tessa gets stuck in the net with Prime. Cade runs and grabs the net but falls.

*As Prime is getting pulled up in the net he says again "calling all autobots!"

* Right after this scene there is a quick shot of Bumble Bee and Hound walking in a spaceship but again not sure at what stage of the movie this is as it didn't flow from the fight scene

* There was a little extra footage of Ratchet being shot up but not a whole heap more to confirm if he is killed

* They showed extended footage of Cade and Savoy punching on. When Cade falls off the building and grabs the ledge (in last preview)....that is because of the fight with Savoy.
The main takeaway is Galvatron is a human created Transformer and at least a 3rd dinobot appears in the film (Slash it seems).


  1. Don't mind Galvatron being human controlled because if Unicron is to debut within next 2 movies he'll reformat Galvatron thus giving him free will.

    1. There will be no Unicron in the films. But i believe Galvatron will break free of human control as Megatrons spark grows stronger.

  2. Sounds ok, the Galvatron idea is lame in my opinion. I'm hoping the next one will have a new director/writer

  3. i like the human control idea. but i think he will become sentient and learn to operate without assistance then start acting of his own free will - thus taking an element of control away from us puny humans. Bumblebee to speak as well i reckon (despite the familiar sound he made when free falling behind strafe above the city in the trailer)...

  4. Being human made, not too bad an idea as long as he does end up becoming his old consciousness, I think just waiting for that will be cool angle, plus it allows prime to kick the crap out of humans in a way. I do hope that some actual decepticons show up there are still plenty we like to see that haven't been introduced yet

  5. My theory 4 Galvatron is,in the beginning he will be made and controlled by humans but notice in Transformers Dark of The Moon.In the final battle Optimus only ripped off Megatron's head,he didnt destroy his spark.So im thinking somebody has Megatron's body n eventually a Evil Human or Loyal Decepticon gets Galvatrons body,after a battle and puts Megatron's spark in it Reactivating the True Decepticon Leader.

  6. prob puts megs head on galvs body after prime defects him

  7. I'm still saying Lockdown's workin for Unicron. Unicron may not be a planet eater like in the movie, but more like the Prime series. But I kind of agree......I think Galvatron will START OUT human controlled....BUT if Lockdown is working for Unicron, it only makes since that he'd bring Galvatron to life.

  8. I still wonder about the ship that's sucking things up in the trailer. It reminds me of Unicron in the animated movie. I think that would be the best bet as far as seeing Unicron goes.


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