Sunday, June 29, 2014

Transformers 4 Makes $301.3 Million In First Opening Weekend

The early estimates are in and Transformers: Age of Extinction is clearly an international success with a worldwide first weekend take of $301.3 million despite near universal dislike of the film by critics. The movie just hit its $100 million goal in the United States, the first movie to do that in 2014. The movie's foreign total was $201.3 which includes a record breaking $90 million bow from China that is likely to trigger more "cooperation agreements" between the Chinese government and Hollywood (so get ready for even more ham-fisted commercial "breaks" in the movies). In Russia it had a $21.7 million debut (2nd of all time for that country) and in South Korea it had its largest opening of the year at $21.5 million. Net result is the movie is currently 35% ahead of Dark of the Moon so it is on target to cross the $1 billion threshold. I expect TF4 to take a 50+% nosedive in the States but that is normal after such a large opening. The real attention remains on foreign gross as that will determine if that $1 billion threshold is crossed.


  1. Bravo to the movie! But sorry it seems your predictions about this movie's performance have been way off from the get-go. you doubted it would make 100 million in the US come opening weekend now you think it will nosedive by 50% in the second weekend, forgetting that it will be a 4th of July weekend with nothing else opening wide till after next week. It appears Transformers is impervious to franchise fatigue.

  2. It is still yet to come out in many places such as Brazil and even the UK so by the end of the 4th july weekend we should be looking at half a billion which considering should be the appropriate place.

  3. Tfcollect:I certainly agree with you guys totally. But what I'm tired of hearing? Is these lame ass critics talking negative about the movie. The one that burns my Optimus is" bad movies has grossed a lot of money for years and years...ok, but not over 300million. So criticize all you want. What we wanted was what he gave us. We were tired of the human side being such a big part of the film. So he did what we asked for. Less human drama b.s. and more robot bashing. Over all the movie was much that I am going this 4th of July weekend to see it again. So eff you critics and non believers TRANSFORMERS RULE!!!!!


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