Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Transformers 5 Returning to Chicago

In a radio interview with WGN to promote his latest film 13 Hours, Transformers 5 director Michael Bay indicated that Transformers 5 would film in Chicago once again. He did not indicate the scale of the filming so it could just be a brief week or two shoot (like Age of Extinction) or for a majority of the film (Dark of the Moon). If Bay sticks to his same general schedule as previous films then principle photography will crank up sometime in April or May. (via TFW2005)


  1. Please watch this Transformers Adventure my 8 year old son created. I helped during shooting and my husband helps editing but he created the entire story (subtitles in english)

  2. The wreckers must return!! At least Roadbuster should return considering Leadfoot is dead.... oh and please don't forget about Sideswipe I would include Dino but thiers the Ferrari issue so.......


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