Friday, April 02, 2021

Soto Transformers Movie Separate from Bayverse

Its not clear yet if the Transformers 7 movie will continue the Bayverse/Bumblebee movie continuity but we now know the other live action will not.  In an interview on a spanish language podcast, the new minted Transformers director Angel Manuel Soto briefly committed on the role.  TFW2005 translated the relevant parts of the interview.

The director spoke of playing with Transformers as a child (born in 1983, that puts in the G1/G2 era).  He believes from his childhood experiences that humanizing the Transformers such as having them speak in natural way, helped people identify with them and love them and will use that approach for their personalities.  

He did not provide details on the story itself except to confirm its not of the Bayverse, it will not take place in the United States, it will not involve the military, and he is hoping he can film it in Puerto Rico. As for scope, it seems it will be a smaller affair (by Transformers standards) as the budget is described as being over 50 million but between Bumblebee movie, TF7 and simply improvements in VFX, its a good chance he can really effectively stretch those dollars.

Soto is also signed on to direct the DC Comics Blue Beetle movie so its unclear which is expected to come first. Normally Blue Beetle would be first, indicating his TF movie for a 2023 release at best.  However, WB's planning of DC movie properties can only be described as incompetent so may have to wait a year or so to know for sure on which will go before the cameras first.

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