Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Available Now on Paramount+

Hard to believe that Transformers: Rise of the Beasts was released just a little over a month ago on June 9, 2023. Use to be you had to wait around six months to watch a movie at home with a home video release. Then another three to six months before it made its way to cable. Then usually a year after that before could see if for free on broadcast television cut up by commercials. The window over time got a little shorter but the order more or less stayed the same.

Now, if the movie under performs, the release model is just wait a few short weeks and get buy it digitally followed quickly by a streaming release and almost as an after thought, the home video release (for this movie, October 10th). For those that decided to not see it in theaters, your brief bout of patience has been rewarded as Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is now on Paramount+ for half the cost of a movie ticket if choose to subscribe (if subscribe, also recommend giving Star Trek: Strange New Worlds a watch).

A quick update on the box office of the movie, its now at $427.1 million worldwide, $41 million less then Bumblebee ($468M). The not great box office showing is why the movie was fast tracked to digital release and streaming. Based on the Blu-ray release date, they expected it to last through August in theaters, then month off for digital and home video release on October 10th followed by Paramount+ release in time for Thanksgiving holiday. The box office results caused them to accerlerate all those plans as wanted to at least ride some of the marketing momentum from the theatrical release. Blu-ray manufacturing and distribution is on its own schedule and trying to adjust that to match these revised digital release plans would require spending more money then that is worth. So good news for fans wanting to see the movie and couldn't get to a theater but not good news for possiblity of a Transformers 8.

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