Friday, December 22, 2006

Easter Egg in Transformers Trailer is reporting that there is an Easter Egg in the new Transformers trailer. At about the 37 second mark, when the sound modulation is on screen, in the top right it reads "Sector Seven Org" and on the bottom it reads "takara83".

So Head to, type in the password "takara83". The site will then open to a view of a desktop like interface. Clicking on the various folder icons will bring up a Sector 7 logo, a weapon design, and agreement to create video games by "S7". In the bottom right is a warning icon which when clicks will bring up a video about the a object detected that could be a threat, a reference to the first Transformers trailer and story point of the film.

I don't think Sector 7 has existed in previous Transformers lore, but Takara is the Japanese toy company that first created the Transformers line and licensed the toys to Hasbro in the early 80s. "83" refers to the first year the Transformers line existed. As for the Video Game license, Activision already has an agreement to create several video games from Transformers for all the platforms including two for the Nintendo Wii (S7 then a design house within the company?). Its safe to assume most of the games will be specifically for the movie but hoping at least one will feature the original Generation One Transformers. Thanks Joe P for the heads up.

With IDW already committed to publishing a 4 part comics called "Transformers: The Movie Prequel" its seems all the popular forms of entertainment is now covered. Movie, music, comics, video games, all thats left is TV. Wonder if a special is in the offering. A new animated series is already in the pipeline but doubtful that will be ready by next July.


  1. The solder guy says something like “and after the Beagle 2 indent where not taking any chances “the Beagle 2 is what landed on mars and was destroyed by a transformer in the first trailer. Strange right.

  2. Oops...indent=Incident

  3. I have a problem with the use of Beagle 2 as the probe destroyed by a Transformer. Have any of you actually SEEN it? Beagle 2 was not a Mars Rover. It was a probe but it it wasn't design to move around. it was like a dish that unfolded several solar panels and had an arm with a load of different sensors on it including a soil sampler. Look it up you'll see what I mean. As much as the trailers look cool you'd think the producers would do their homework on that front...

  4. Anon: Yup, the fact they couldn't even get the names of their Mars probes right is one of the things that made the first trailer suck.
    Here's hopeing they get the name / picture sorted for the real film, before they make fools of themselves before a wider audience.

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