Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Laurel Hill Cemetery Set Pics

Thanks to John Von who provided the below pictures and a video of a shoot that occurred yesterday at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, PA. He also took additional pictures of the nearby base camp.

The pictures show the various signs to Base Camp for the "E7" production, which is just the name being used for Transformers 2. If you look at picture 4, a little right center you can see the Chevy Beat that was first spotted at The Udvar-Hazy Center over the weekend.

At the 78 acre sized cemetery you can see that lighting and filming rigging is being set up. There is also a large truck that might be a generator truck. In addition the Chinese camera copter used for the Bethlehem shoot makes an appearance. From a source the difference between the copters used at the Bethlehem is the camera copter is a BA with a small rear window while the A-Star has a large rear window. I guess after this shoot the copter will get returned to its not Chinese labeled state.

The video is footage that John Von shot of the copter flying around. I have no idea what its doing though. Maybe filming, maybe practicing to get the lay of the land.
Base Camp This WayE7 The MovieBase camp sweet base campAw look at the tiny little green carso tinyThis Death!Beware yee who enterLighting rig I think
Hark upon thy phallic symbolGenerator truck? In a scene, grip supplies?Off to work they goThe Chinese are invading!Run, before the camera steals your soul

Thank you to John Von for letting me use his pictures and video.


  1. You have no idea how much I want to be in Philly right now :D :D :D! 5 hours is just too much, though. >_<
    Are they shooting anywhere else in PA? Or near PA?

  2. Ultra Magnus anyone?

  3. Wonder why are they shooting at a cemetary... paying respects to Jazz perhaps?

  4. this a long shot - but that black truck looks like it's lit with production lighting - could this be ultra magnus?

  5. I'm kinda speculating and aagreeing with the 2 previous posters...they have a blue, mint condition all shined up truck that is being lit up with production lights and has a trailer....hmmmm. THink' they have some suprises for us in this movie.

  6. Funny if that truck was soundwave.

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