Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Toy Fair 2009 Galleries

Toy Fair 2009 continues in New York and the galleries continue to pile up online. While not as good as the first day galleries with Devastator and company, these are still interesting Transformers 2 tie-in products.

The first is some cool images of the various Transformer related displays put up around the Javitz center put up by sponsors, some congratulating the Transformer brand for 25 years of success. The full gallery is here.

Another brief gallery is showing off the new Transformer movie themed backpacks from F.A.B. Starpoint. Those images can be found here.

Next are official shots of some of the toy lines sub classes like the Robot Heroes, Power Bots, Gravity Bots, Robot Replicas, RPMs, and more. That gallery can be found here.

Last is the more off the wall tie-in products like, Bumble Spud and an All Spark Rubik's cube. Those images are here.


  1. I love the Rubik's cube but I'm not sure how you would solve it.

  2. haha i kno right?? i cant even solve the normal rubiks cube.
    but im pretty sure u try to match the patterns on each sides of the all spark.
    n btw, i thought all spark was destroyed in the first movie?? or r they jus makin it bcuz its awesome and since rotf is comin out?

  3. There is still a piece of the all spark left. Optimus took a little bit out of Megatron's chest at the end of the first film.

  4. Cool pictures!

    In that one picture with Optimus and the Twins, who is that other yellow-ish robot? He seems vaguely familiar. Like I've seen him in a dream...or a dream of a dream. Is he a new character? ;)

  5. ^ he is Ratchet. Don't you recognize our Ratchet?

  6. Is anyone else a little confused (and excited?) that they're still making toys based on the dead Decepticons from the first movie?
    .... that means they're coming back, right? Maybe?

  7. Anonymous said...
    ^ he is Ratchet. Don't you recognize our Ratchet?

    If this comment was SARCASTIC, than ignore the following words. If this comment was SERIOUS...

    Yes, I know that it's Ratchet. I was being sarcastic (the 'winking' emoticon would imply that I was not serious, making a joke, in a 'you know what I'm talking about' fashion) because Ratchet has rarely been seen on set or talked about by the writers. ;) (Notice the winking emoticon this time. )

  8. It is imperative that I have the shoes, and all Decepticon related merchandise. all that other stuff is a non-need as far as I'm concerned. Could they have had at least ONE Decepticon backpack?

  9. That Red/Yellow/White Autobot flat billed hat is amaziiinggg. I must have it. Would love it if it were made by New Era. Hopefully its sold through Lids or somewhere.

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