Monday, April 06, 2009

Mike Patton To Voice Mixmaster is reporting that they have confirmed that Mike Patton has been cast to voice Decepticon Constructicon Mixmaster. Mixmaster will form the head of the gestault. He is the lead singer of Faith No More and producer for multiple artists (wiki here). Thanks to Gregory for the link.
Rumors about musician Mike Patton's involvement in the highly anticipated summer sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen were confirmed today by a "close" friend of the singer (who may or may not live in Philadelphia). More of a cameo than a leading robot, Patton will lend his unique vocal talents to Mixmaster, one of the seven Decepticons that form to create Devastator. He is a concrete mixing truck that serves as the left leg of this gigantically awesome robot.

While Patton's participation in the film was 100% confirmed, the "source" didn't seem quite so positive about the actual robot he would be playing, at times calling him a dump truck (which is actually Long Haul). Either way, he will voice one of the seven vehicles that form Devastator. Patton is said to have landed the gig after producers heard his voice work on the video game The Darkness. This is a big year for the prolific singer, as his score for Crank: High Voltage will be released this coming Tuesday. And he is currently in the midst of embarking on a European reunion tour with his former band Faith No More.


  1. So, Mixmaster is one Construction, who speaks our language. Long Haul doesn't speak our language (confirmed by toy bio). But I'm not sure about other 5 Constructicons.

  2. And Faith no More are playing Download Festival in the Summer, here in the UK! It's been tooooooo long. Glad they patched it up. Patton is a unique vocal talent. Check out Mr Bungle!

  3. If they (the Decepticons) will talk as much, as in the first movie, than who cares who will voice them... Hope, it will be different this time.

  4. I like this choice, this guy is a great voice actor, if u guys have ever played the game The Darkness, he voiced the darkness him self, he will make a great addition

  5. But since he voices Mixmaster (the head) wont he voice Devastator too?

  6. Who said Devastator will talk ?

  7. -But since he voices Mixmaster (the head) wont he voice Devastator too?-

    If Devastator does talk he will most likely talk as the combined for of the constructicons e.g. He will have the combined voices of each of them!

    Something tells me that Rampage will be voiced like Quickstrike in Beast wars. I would love that seeing as Rampage is a quick tempered constructicon.

  8. He voiced those "Dark Seekers" in "I am Legend" as well. So it should be interesting to hear what crazy vocal range he will contribute to the head of Devestater.

  9. Holy Crap! Ryan if you see this, this is like a dream come true for you! lol

    Great choice for voice talent. Any confirmation for Nimoy on anything?

  10. Is this confirmation that Decepticons will actually speak in this film?!? :D (Kidding)

    Can't wait to see what Mike has in store for...whoever he voices. :) It's nice to see that they chose someone for their VOICE-ACTING skills, rather than if they are famous-or-not.

    Now, lets get some news on (for example) Susan Blu, or maybe even Corey Burton, Scott McNeil, etc. :D (It would be nice for fans to get some Transformer VA veterans on the film.)

    I'm guessing that Devastator's voice (if he has one) will be altered and mixed so much that we will hardly be able to tell who is providing the voice. But whoever does voice him, chances are that with a bajillion decibal sound, his voice will make us crap our pants. ;)

  11. God, i can FINALLY stop all my spamming to get Mike Patton to voice a Transformer.

    If you want to hear the whole story, look me up on the Transformer: ROTF board on i'm a regular there.

    It was a long journey, but its finally come true... GO MIKE PATTON!

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