Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Megatron Blasted and Starscream?

I thought I was done with stills from the ShoWest Montage but the below are compelling enough to post.

These stills provide a great look at Megatron and seem to show him taking a few blasts to the chest and head complete with fire flare-up. The future doesn't look too bright for the villain. Thanks to InvisbleMan for the pictures.

Here is a close-up of a moment in the field where Optimus Prime goes flying from a kick by Megatron. In the background is three Transformers many are assuming to be Blackout and Starscream. As the picture from Andrew (thanks!) shows, the arms, shoulders don't quit match. Maybe Starscream taking on a rather odd pose (I think supposed appear to be stalking) or a different character all together?


  1. 1st.
    Looks like Megatron, Starscream and Blackout are beating the crap out of Prime. Where are the autobots?

  2. that's what I asked. get Prime some help.

    and that definitely looks like Starscream in the picture. who else could it be?

  3. my guess, this is a scene like in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe where the leader agrees to a meeting where he knows he will face certain death. in this case, in order to save Sam.

  4. ^^^^you may be onto something.

    Off topic a bit, does anybody else think that when Starscram cuts the car, and Sam, Mikaela see him for the first time in 2 years, I think bumblebee will save him, just because he still wanted to be Sam's guardian.

    Just a thought.

  5. To the post above, bumblebee doesn't save SAM, Prime is the one that comes to the rescue. That part leads to the footage above

  6. ah, thanks

  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/37582521@N08/3463810186/

    i thought this was strange, but in one scene what i believe to be Rampage he is red, but when we see him as the foot on devastator he is yellow, as the toy is.

    to reply to the above, again in the scene of Prime jumping over Megatron, in the top right at a certain part you can see the car split in two on the ground. seen here:


    so it seems to be the same area.

  8. It looks a little like Mixmaster

  9. It's no doubt in my mind Starscream. The comparison picture actually supports it in a way. You're comparing a model from different angles. Taking that into account... there are definitely similarities in those two images. The angles make a huge difference. Not to mention the fact that their posture in those images are different too.

    Now... whether that other robot is Blackout or not is the topic that could be argued a lot more easily then the Starscream deal. I'd like to think that most of the characters that died in the origional would just stay dead. Otherwise it just makes things feel kind of cheap.

    With that said though... even this robot that a lot of people think is Blackout... looks extremely close (if not identical) to Blackout.


  10. Well, if Scorponok is involved in bringing Megs back to life, then I would think that he'd also try to bring back his "master" Blackout. I'd say it's definitely him unless they did a model swap so they could render that scene without showing who's really supposed to be there.

  11. It's blackout, starscream and Megatron but not a finished scene. So, when it's all done and polished they will look like the badasses we know and love (or hate).

  12. dumb ass firsties again...yea ol sam nearly bought it on that scene

  13. DeceptiFreak said...

    is not rampge, is scavenger, the only red construction

    and for starscream, is not this version, is the army version
    this http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_G96gxvrHqrE/SZDeS1AlJzI/AAAAAAAAFCs/Domdv8EChbg/s1600-h/TF2StarscreamUknownClass2.jpg

    i think optimus kill head of starscream

  14. To anonymous at 5:32pm 4/21/09

    Scavenger is the name that is also associated with demolisher, the one in the trailer. The not bumblebee is fighting is clearly not the same bot.

  15. bumblebee is kneeing rampage in that one scene.

    and bumblebee will save sam and everyone along with Prime in the scene in the warehouse. someone pointed out it's probably the same warehouse they show him busing out of through the wall.

  16. i bet Sam's roommate kicks the bucket! someone has to die.

  17. It looks like Soundwave

  18. Chinese Rulez4/21/2009 7:11 PM

    Big tress like in Shanghai!

    I no! I no!

  19. I honestly hope Leo dies, he just pissed me off from the first trailer when he was behind Mikaela as she was yelling "SAM" :P

  20. Maybe that weird looking Starscream is Breakaway, though he has not yet been confirmed to appear in the film.

  21. i agree i hope that fag gets ripped apart by megatron

  22. I think the fallen fell and couldn't get up.. that's why he needed the sun harvester so he could call for help.

    Err umm

    Also it's a blast from Starscream that hurls prime through the air. If you watch the part on quicktime and slow mo you can see starscream blast prime then he goes flying, megs is standing on the side and didn't budge..

    watch it i dare you..

    For those who don't have it, .. read this

    For those of you who want the 1080p of the ShoWest footage go to Demonoid to download it


    copy and paste into your browser!


    It's the 600MB version that was available for download for a short time on M-bay website.

    Download it if you want it


    Note: you will need Bit Torrent downloader to download the file.

    That program can be found at bittorrent.com

  23. ^^^ Thanks, I never got a chance to see the showest footage.

    Fargin Kool!!!

  24. Keep an eye on the left hand side, have the ShoWest montage there (and it of course links to bigger version) or the orginial ShoWest post where I keep replacing the video with a working version when I find it. I will keep us covered for as long as the internet allows it.

  25. it's totaly Starscream hes just bent forward at the waist a little. his chest is facing down and his back is up thats why you can't see his wings. you only see a top view of them because he is bent over. looks like hes running after sam

  26. No, I don't know if this is checked by the big dude in charge. But look at the keychain design and then the picture the left arm looks the same and the shoulders are close to matching.

    The screen name is Enigma.

  27. See, it looks like Strsceam, but if any of you idiots looked closer, you would see that the arms are coming out of the wrong place, there is no cockpit on his chest, his arms are different, and his legs are different. Totally different charate. Soundwave's Earth mode?

  28. Anonymous said...

    To anonymous at 5:32pm 4/21/09

    Scavenger is the name that is also associated with demolisher, the one in the trailer. The not bumblebee is fighting is clearly not the same bot.
    4/21/2009 6:18 PM

    no scavenger is not demolisher
    demolisher is not a part of devastator
    demolisher become scavneger is possible,

    here why is not rampage,
    1- rampage is yellow, here the rotbot is red
    2- the only robot in red, is scavernger
    3- the head is not the head rampage look that
    look the small head in the package, is not the head in the trailer
    4- rampage has not the head become snake/long head,
    5- yes i accept too , to say the look is rampage, but is not it

  29. Uh...why has no one mentioned the fact that in the above pictures Megatron has an &#(@*#! ARM CANNON!

    G1 FTW!

  30. ^^^^^^^

    The arm cannon was seen on many of the toys and CGI models. The Arm Cannon is actually a Claw shaped weapon which can be used as a lance, Claw or plasma gun.

    Given the surroundings and the fact Megatron is hit by a flame i am betting this is the work of the Fallen.

    The image is of Starscream (Or one of his identical members called the Seekers) However he has changed to adapt to the new film. CGI has gotten better and they wanted to make Starscream more of a Chicken :) Seriously though he is definently the same charecter however why he appears to be squashed is unknown.

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  32. Totally the Screamer, they just screwed up the CGI.Curse them!


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