Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Combined Keychain, More Mixmaster and Ratchet

More stuff from the Transformers 2 toy line.

Yesterday was the first image of the "Power Up" Optimus Prime and Jetfire combiner leak. Joining that leak is a look, from TFW2005, at the keychain that a few months ago helped confirm that a combine mode was planned for the two characters. The greater detail that the static keychain allows indicates that while the toy is not that impressive, the CGI version (assuming this combined mode is film inspired) will be awesome to behold.

Next is a reminder that Ratchet is supposed to be in the film with an eBay auction for Voyager class version of the character. Other then looking like a brighter shade of lime, it seems to be the same toy as the first movie.

Last is another gallery for Voyager Mixmaster that can found here. His robot mode doesn't impressive me at all but I really like the vehicle mode.

Thanks to Phil for the links.


  1. Man, I can't wait to get Leader Prime and Jetfire.

    Based on the Starscream keychain, I never really quite realized how wonky his body shape is.

  2. Okay Prime/Jetfire combo seems very lame as it just looks like a Black and Silver repaint in the style of film Optimus prime.

    The Keychain version looks kind of like this guy:


    Without the shield and adding Jet packs. The body of the Optimus/Jetfire combo on the key ring is perfect. The head should have changed though. They should have given him a bit more stronger face look.

    I give the Jetfire/Prime combo a 6/10. The idea is superb yet the Leader class combo is seriously weak and a change of head could help a lot.

    Mixmaster`s robot form is way too lame. The Kibble could have been easily dealt with by having the cement mixer on the back and the vehicle front on the arms.

  3. yeah, starscream might as well be a shooting range target with his chest so wide.

  4. I think Mixmasters robot form looks great and he's certainly a fave of mine from the RotF line. A bit of kibble in places sure but overall I'm liking it a lot, especially the color scheme and I really like the mixer segments on the arms. There's something I really like about the head being more 'flesh colored' than the rest of his body like he's wearing a suit.

  5. man...my green Ratchets leg busted off. need a new one.

  6. I GAVE YOU THOSE LINKS!!!! LOOK IN THE Devastator and Power Up Optimus Prime Post! I gave you that one too. Also everything else that was posted today I gave you links. Come on Mr Blog Owner... I don't mean to sound recognition hungry, but I am trying to help without being recognized.

  7. ^ to the post above.

    quit whining you fool.

    PS - not impressed with the Prime combo...

  8. Did anybody noticed how different megatron looks in that keychain to the actual images and scenes we've seen in the trailer? He looks a lot different and better.

  9. I'm sorry... :( Yea I don't like how it looks either, I think they could have done better but whatever....

  10. I think that optimusfire or whatever you want to call him, will not look like the cheesy toy combinations. I jus believe its too difficult to make an actual replica toy that combines and looks good. Dont get me wrong, devestator looks preety good but to make a complicated toy like optimus and jetfire combination and look good is hard. Thats why they just attach jetfire to optimus and it looks kind of funky. Those are just my thoughts.

  11. oh man the combined form of the boss bot optimus and jets looks soooooooo badass I WANT THAT KEYCHAIN!!!!!!!!!

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