Monday, May 18, 2009

Third Human Alliance Toy IDed

Amazon, found via TFW2005, has posted the ID for the third human alliance toy for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toy line. The toy is oddly Skids with Mikaela, joining Alliance Bumblebee with Sam and Sideways with Epps. I would have thought that Arcee would have been a natural combo with a Mikaela figure. No picture or details yet but I assume this will be a wave 2 or three toy so probably not on store shelves until late summer.


  1. This news has to prove that Ironhide's human companion is Lennox for sure now that Sam, Mikaela & Epps all have Autobot partners. If Ironhide's truck was ALL black in the HA line I would pick it over the Voyager {grey--YUCK}

  2. I guess you meant Sideswipe with Epps, not Sideways with Epps ;)

  3. 36 days!
    (smashes head to wall)

  4. I know!!
    (kicks the cat)

  5. I knew they would do this.
    "here's my predictions for Future Human Alliances:
    Cpt.Lennox and Ironhide
    Mikaela and Skids
    Leo and Mudflap
    That would be totally badass!
    Would buy all 5(including Sam and Bumblebee and Sgt.Epps and Sideswipe)if they did this!"
    Hopefully, Hasbro will do the same for Ironhide and Mudflap. That would be awesome!

  6. still 36?
    (tears out hair and throws to clock)

  7. Are the HA line going to be different sizes? As the BB one with Sam looked different, or am I just crazy at noticing any differences because that BB looked bigger?

  8. ... I would have guessed at Ratchet and Mikaela, but Skids, okay ... whatever.
    He probably does something heroic at the end, and Mikaela kisses him to thank him or something silly like that.

  9. Wow my prediction came true :)

    Now for my next which is for Captain Lennox and Ironhide.

    Does anyone know how many Human alliance sets there will be this year?

  10. he's the hero of the film maybe?

  11. A Megan Fox action figure!?! Finally, after all this time, MEGAN FOX WILL BE MINE!!! (Insert Megatron-like evil laugh transitioning to a pathetic sob to show how pathetic I am) ;)

    Mikaela always goes for the unpopular outcasts. I'm unpopular! Why not me?!

    Hmmm...maybe there will be a Simmons/Jetfire Human Alliance?

  12. I'd dig an Optimus Prime + Peter Cullen figure :)
    also they should do a con line:
    Blackout + Mustache man
    Barricade + Mustache man
    Starscream + Mustache man

    is Mustache Man confirmed as the Cons' hollogram this time BTW?

  13. Anonymous said...
    according to there's also skids with mikaela

    5/14/2009 3:49 PM

    I would assume this Anonymous beat TFW2005 by a few days. That Anonymous was me, btw.

  14. I wonder if they'll do one of Alice and her true form.

    Let's see I'm going to have to go with

    Ironhide and Lennox
    Mudflap and Leo

    Those are the ones I agree on. I'm guessing ones like Optimus and Jetfire won't be in the human alliance.

    It could be possible however for there to be a figure of Graham with an autobot. My guess is the main characters will be in the human alliance line

  15. Based on stuff I read, spoiler wise... I would've expected Mikaela to be paired with Wheelie. Problem there I guess would be Wheelie would have to be smaller then Mikaela... which probably is only possible if he didn't have many moving parts. Similar to the mini Scorpinok with Blackout.

    Oh well... wouldn't have bought it anyways.

  16. Just a heads up, Linkin Park's new song is set to be released in the next hour or so, It's on their website and also gunna be on itunes. Along with prob youtube and what not


    here's a leak from youtube

  18. that's not the full song tho

  19. You guys mean this song

    Old scorpy uploaded it at 2:32 (Before offical release) The song and his topic are awesome. Blog is pretty crap but the rest he did is okay :P


  20. thye should come out with someone like alice and megatron or alice and grindor or starscream and alice.

  21. the only 4 ha figures tht i hve found
    1.sam witwicky with bumblebee
    2.mikaela banes with skids and arcee
    3.sergant epps with sideways
    4.agent simmons with mudflap and chromia
    in the ha figures with mikaela and simmons mikaela can fit inside skids and ride on arcee as well as simmons with mudflap and chromia

  22. simons comes with mudflap and chromia
    brarricade comes with frenzy
    ironhide comes with lenox
    leo comes with somthing idk

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