Saturday, October 24, 2009

Revenge Sells 2 Million On First Day

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen sold 2 million discs on its first day of release. This total does seem to include both DVD and Blu-ray sales. This is half the estimated 4 million reported the other day but still considered good news.
..the real talk of the town was Paramount/DreamWorks' "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," which arrived in stores Oct. 20 and within 24 hours had sold 2 million discs, according to industry sources -- giving the sell-through business, down 13.9% for the year, a badly needed shot in the arm.


  1. The Paramount CEO should get fired along with all his managers there.
    He did a huge mistake by switching over to HD-DVD getting money from Microsoft/Toshiba and then causing the group the lose huge bucks when they had to switch back to Blu-Ray as soon as WarnerBros switched to Blu-Ray and the HD optical format war was over in favour of Blu-Ray...
    Now .. why just 2 Million copies sold in the US instead of the estimated 4 Million ?
    Well, it's pretty easy to understand: VERY BAD MARKETING which this time involves money taken by Paramount CEO and Paramount as a group to give Wal-Mart the exclusive to sell IMAX enhanced versions of Transformers2 discs.
    What a bad move! Another time, the HD-DVD failure was not enough for Paramount CEO and his managers, so it seems.. he wanted to show the whole world another time how unable he is to be CEO of such a big important group. At this rate Paramount is going to go bankrupt in a few years if not months...
    Transformers2 should have been released IMAX Enhanced worldwide everywhere just like WarnerBros' own TheDarkKnight movie. But no.. Paramount CEO wanted to get money from Wal-Mart to frustrate potential customers and go away with some quick easy money.. which surely are far from the same amount of money it would have resulted from a worldwide selling of the full IMAX enhanced discs.
    So, only the USA is getting IMAX Enhanced discs but available only at Wal-Mart shops... it's quite obvious that people are buying less copies than expected now and less than the first movie. The movie is going to be pirated more thanks to such a bad movie and profits will be lower.
    What a great move! How smart the Paramount CEO really is, uh? He got money from Wal-Mart and he thinks to be smart... while Paramount is falling down rather quickly thanks to its CEO and manages...
    And then.. not only that but TOO MANY PACKAGES available .. that is frustrating customers and it's just an added cost to Paramount to release all those different versions of the same non-IMAX edition with different packaging.

    All of this doesn't make any sense at all.
    The only way to fix this and give potential customers a version worth buying of Transformers2 would just be to release:

    - Transformers2 Director's Cut/Extended Edition including IMAX scenes. 10minutes longer or 15-20minutes longer of additional new rendered scenes that weren't completed on time for the theatrical release and the movie would sell like hot cakes for sure.

    Obviously it should available worldwide and all new scenes should be dubbed in all major languages for a well done DVD/Blu-Ray release which Paramount couldn't deliver this time.
    And maybe releasing even the first movie with new added scenes for a longer cut would help selling a lot more copies for a way higher profit (at least 30% of those owning the first movie would be buying an extended version for sure, but probably more)

  2. LOL :P
    That sucks!
    I have seen Home made film sell more on the first day of release.

    It`s because of several reasons:
    1. More people are beginning to doubt the franchise after Devastators Ball`s and the Twins steriotypical accents.
    2.There were so many plot holes
    3.Paramount confused the fans by giving out so many different special features on each. Most people are still figering out which to buy.

    Also found this cool video saying about some of the silliest bits or ROTF:

  3. Scorpio, exactly which "Home made" film has sold more than two million copies on its first day of release?

  4. scorpio once again showing age/mentally challenged thoughts on here as well as contradicting thoughts as well. please take your home made video of high school cheerleaders beating the crap out of you and leave...quit wasting our time reading your crap transformer hater...go download pee wee's big adventure. "oh and by the way i found this really cool video about silliest bits" it hate are one confused soul scorpio. did you and charlo get a room yet? now that's a home video that will sell -567 copies

  5. Let me be the voice of reason, let's remember that Nelson used the term "unconfirmed reports" and that just because the Hollywood Reporter reports something doesn't make it so. It's my understanding that the tracking of DVD sales is not exactly the easiest task given the huge diversity of retail outlets selling them. I would tend to think that any accurate numbers would likely be a couple of weeks away from being posted by any credibale source. Just food for thought.

  6. is the best source I've found for accurate dvd sales figures but even they say the numbers are difficult to nail down.

  7. Ray got the butthurt. Reminds me of geewuun cry baby picture... LMAO


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