Monday, August 02, 2010

Teaser Poster, More Explosions, and Galleries from Weekend

Transformers 3 production continued this weekend in Chicago, most of it focused on State Street and Wacker Drive. Before get to that, here is a much better look at the Transformer 3 teaser poster made for the convention circuit that debut back in June. The image was tweeted by EleOcho but not sure from what convention. Info found via TFormers.

Back to the filming, Pixel Rally has posted more images from the Shia vs. Patrick fight sequence that is being filmed at Wabash and Wacker Drive. Below are sample images that from the set that has Sam wielding a steel rod with clear intent to use it indicating a vicious, mean fight for survival. The full gallery of images can be found here. PopSugar also has a gallery from the same scene filming.

This brings us to the weekend action at State Street and Wacker Drive that has a bus exploding and most of the male cast apparently involved in a firefight. The image to the right is an ornamental spire on a building at the location. This seems to match the debris that Shia and Patrick are fighting on. That image along with the 1st video below comes from a set report posted on that provides a little first witness testimony along with pictures of Josh, Tyrese and Bay at work.

The second video shows a bus exploding into two halves as soldiers open fire on a probable Decepticon. Another video of the sounds of the firefight and images can be found at the Movie Chronicles. If you need a Transformers vehicle fix, the last two videos below), also found by the site gives you a nice close up look at The Wreckers and Optimus Prime as they leave their storage location.


  1. TristimusPrime8/02/2010 9:35 AM

    Awww Sam's a man now, i hope its a good fight....they said optimus was going to look different but he looks exactly the same....i just love Bayhem and Baysplosions....Those wreckers sound beautiful....people might not like the truck as Optimus, but aside from the flames, you must admit, that is one gorgeous Peterbilt

  2. can't you have any better, decent poster ... everybody in the world knows about optimus prime.. it seemed as if any poster they can come up with has to have prime on it. for T3 .. its just lame advertising.

  3. Just got back from vacation - I filmed this last week.. Would have kicked it to you individually but I didn't see an address.

    Just thought I'd share before yt pulls it down

  4. TF1 meets independence day meets black hawk down

  5. Dempsey is Auggie


  7. The both cranes are the new Constructicons?

  8. The cranes are there to pull the bus apart as that is how they do those stunts

  9. It's "Fire in the Hole", NOT "Fire in the Hold"

  10. I am asking this because there was a excavator on the set too. But you have right, it is for the stunts. Hope, we will see Bruticus.

  11. They should turn Sears tower into Metroplex

  12. I can't believe get excited about some cars driving by them. And they reached out to touch the Optimus truck? What a bunch of geeks, lol.


    Youtube is still processing this, but the video is posted.

    I know its not the greatest video out there, but its the best I can do with limited time/software.


  14. hey people, a firetruck was sighted in chicago and it has an autobot logo on its door. check it out! go to the bottom of the forum-page...

    greetings from germany, joe

  15. :O fire truck looks awesome!looks more like a coach who does everyone think it is?

  16. Martinus Prime8/02/2010 6:02 PM

    I think Inferno or Hotspot, if it's Hotspot maybe we can expect Defensor?
    I rather see it's Inferno, cause I want to see Superion rather than Defensor.

  17. That forum had youtube links as well. And they contain Ironhide.

  18. Quote from Nelson on the Michael Bay boards:

    "I think fandom will faint when they find out who this firetruck is.

    It's gonna be like when people saw Optimus Prime for the first time--with flames.

    I really hope they don't reveal the name until the movie premieres.


    And it's not Inferno, Hot Spot, or Pyro. You'll see."

  19. Remember when Michael Bay said this movie wouldn't be as action driven or robot heavy as ROTF? This doesn't look like a truck that would be used in a municipal setting, more like the kind you would see at an airport maybe. Adding the fire truck to the mix means by my count at least 13 Autobots will be in this film which is as many hero robots as the two factions had in Transformers(2007) combined. Based on the amount of time they're spending on this action sequence clearly they're planning to top the Egypt/Pyramids ending from ROTF.

  20. I have a fleeting suspicion that it could be Ultra Magnus...

  21. TristimusPrime8/02/2010 7:26 PM


    Same here

  22. TristimusPrime8/02/2010 7:29 PM

    but with that water cannon im leaning towards inferno

  23. TristimusPrime8/02/2010 7:31 PM

    but since they said its not inferno then its back to Magnus

  24. It suits his look from all the toys and stuff without being the actual weird vehicle he has always been.

    Also, hes gonna be pretty tall, probably the same or slightly taller than prime, indicating a leader type character maybe.

    I think Prime may meet his demise in this film!

  25. Oh **** it's Sentinel Prime! That ****** made it into the Bayverse!


  26. So it goes so far Autobots
    Mercedes E550-Q
    Ferrari 458-?
    3 NASCAR cars-wreckers?
    Fire Truck-?
    The Twins :(

    Mercedes SLS
    Armored Truck
    Most likey-Grindor

    Who else?

  27. I would agree with the above posts. Ultra Magnus would seem to fit the bill. The overall form of the fire truck is very similar to his alt mode from TF Animated. It's also the right size. Magnus is a big bot. Also, if the Wreckers are in the movie they're leader better also be there, right...!

    It would be really cool if they arrived on Earth via Omega Supreme. It would also be a good way to introduce a bunch of new bots all at once.

    I could see it playing out as the Autobots and human forces are on the

  28. In case anyone is interested, that Fire Truck bot is a Rosenbauer Panther, which is an extremely powerful airport fire truck/crash tender designed to fight jet fuel infernos.

  29. Thats such a sweet Fire truck, i would actually start fires if i knew that was coming

  30. Just by looking at these photos, I can't believe this is actually the kid from "Even Stevens". Shia has been involved a lot lately on action movies and his big break was this movie, Transformers. Too bad Megan Fox can't join the cast for the sequel. We hope to see a better story and not just metals clashing and fighting one another in the next Transformers movie.

  31. Those vehicles are superstars. Go figure.


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