Sunday, August 01, 2010

Dempsey's Character's Job, More Rollbar and Behind the Scenes (Updated)

In a new article with the Herald-News, Patrick Dempsey revealed "my character is a race-car drive...". He also mentioned after next week he will be returning to Los Angeles "to shoot the second episode of Grey's (Anatomy)." This suggests to me that his work on the film may be completed then. I guess Transformers 3 production loaded the front of the schedule with his scenes to free him to return to the television show. Nothing else is revealed as the focus was on his visit to the Autobahn Country Club to look at the race-car collection they have. The article is here, image gallery is here. Thanks to Chris and Ray for the TFW2005 with the article links.

Next is another behind the scenes video from Swggrwag0n. His first one proved the security truck was a Decepticon and showed some of the prep that gets done to put a scene together. Part 2 continues that from "Hotchkiss Gould Investments" aka the local 7/11 on Wacker. The scene seems to involve a little crowd panic as police and firefighters respond to probable TF related chaos. Thanks to Sam for the link.

For whatever reason a week old video about Rollbar that was first posted on Seibertron and here is making the rounds as new, such as on Trailer Addict. Having said that, turns out MischiefChavez has posted a second video this time with a piece of heavy artillery in the back that is probably perfect for a scene with NEST soldiers.

Last, but not least, a reminder that Van Buren Street will be closed from Monday to Wednesday as Transformers 3 production moves to the Old Post Office. The production will be working from 7AM to 10PM with the expectation of pyrotechnics going off. Thanks to ZzTopeurope for the reminder.

Update: Added 3rd video below that breifly shows Rollbar driving by on his huge wheels. (via the Movie Chronicles)


  1. love the set up on the back of rollbar! sweet awesomeness!


    "Hi-Q" info. Cool little site too. Had the powermaster Prime when i was little which makes me feel a little better about the reference.

  3. Rollbar overview.

    Rollbar always gives 110%. He's neither very strong nor very fast, but he's got heart, and a vast arsenal of corny, macho cliches to pepper his speech. Though the other Throttlebots are inclined to roll their optical sensors when he starts laying the Cybertronian bullslag on too thickly, his gung-ho attitude has earned the respect of them all, and when the higher-ranking veteran Goldbug is not around, Rollbar is the acting leader of his very democratic team.

    Rollbar makes good use of his low power in vehicle mode. He is a rubber-tired acrobat, able to jump like a cybergoat and run like a turbodeer. This is fortunate; he has little or no firepower, and if caught out has little choice but to run away. He does have radiation and chemical sensors to assist his tracking missions, and audio-video equipment to record his findings, or perhaps the big game.

    Rollbar may not have what it takes to make the big plays, but he's still an opponent to be reckoned with. You have to give him that much credit.

    Looks like bay with the Alternator look.

  4. I am speculating that Inferno may be involved in this since he was the fire engine in g1. Hopefully the Chicago fire dept. would give Bay the permission 2 offer him one of their trucks.

  5. The fire engines were used as just fire engines. I highly doubt that they are going to be characters. They had them standing by for most of the shoots and used them to put out the fire when the bus was ripped in half (I'll post that video later), but other than that it was this one sceen where they are responding to call. the ghetto rigged camera on my balcony caught some good stuff, so once I get it edited down I'll make sure to share.

  6. At one point there was 2 helis going, one filming the other. Could this mean an autobot helicopter? :D


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