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Paramount Comments, DC Shoot Delayed, Florida Preps

Three new pieces of news on the Transformers 3 front. It seems an unknown Paramount source has comment on the injury of extra Gabriella Cedillo on Wednesday in Indiana. No update on her condition but hopefully doing well. The unknown Paramount source refutes much of the implied negligence charges from an ABC Chicago report and Deadline including that the injury was not caused by a snapping towing cable.
Paramount just weighed in with me to say that the injured extra was not involved in the stunt, that her car was not involved in the stunt, that a "freak accident caused her injury", that she and her car were more than 500 feet from the stunt, that she was struck by a flying metal object whose welding had come apart and not by a steel towing cable, that the stunt from Tuesday had to be repeated Wednesday because of a "timing issue" and not because it had failed, and that "nobody has done movies more safely than Michael Bay". The studio, however, could not explain why its version of events was so at odds with the local police and media reports. "We feel horrible that anyone was injured and will take all appropriate action," a Paramount exec told me.
Personally I think there a way to many unknowns so until official information is revealed from investigators, Paramount and hopefully a statement from a fully recovered Cedillo, I am going to continue to hold judgment. Thanks to AiC Hokie for the update.

It seems Transformers 3 filming in Washington, DC remains jinxed as once again the planned three day shoot is delayed a week. According to Politico, the start date has shifted from September 27th to October 4th. On the bright side we know have more information on the planned locations. Thanks to Ann for the link.
The dates could change again, of course. But the crew has at least managed to nail down some filming locations, including the National Mall, near the monuments, outside the American Red Cross National Headquarters and outside DAR Constitution Hall, located just across from the Ellipse.

The National Park Service has made it difficult for Paramount Pictures to secure permission to film some scenes, including a race around the Mall. Hollinger said, however, that the studio is “still talking to the National Park Service to refine the requests to possibly get more flexibility.”

Florida's 13News reports that Brevard County and the Kennedy Space Center will begin prep for its scheduled turn with Transformers 3 next week. "Director Michael Bay will begin shooting portions of "Transformers 3" on the Space Coast in mid-to-late September. The Space Coast Film Commission told News 13 production specialists may begin arriving as early as next week to begin preparations." Thanks to Ann for the link.


  1. I would think that if Paramount is going to comment on the specific nature of the accident they would do so in a manner that is pretty acurate. To publicly comment inaccurately would have drastic legal rammifications down the road.

    If their going to be hitting that many locations in just three days I would imagine their going to be shooting a lot of "plates" that can be filled with CGI charaters, action and destruction as opposed to shooting typical action set pieces with pyrotechnics.

    I'm excited to see what role KSC and the shuttle launch play in the film. I'm hoping the shuttle will be Omega Supreme.

  2. Sorry Ray but the next launch isnt until Novemeber 1st. The roll over to the VAB is Sept 8th, which means rollout to the pad wont be until September16th at the earliest, and there's no way they'll allow Bay to shoot pyros anywhere near it. I"m actually kind of shocked they allowed them to do this in the first place. Although I'm also excited. But dont' expect much action near a shuttle. If there's a launch it'll probably be CGI or from a previous mission.

  3. Lake County, In-A movie extra that was part of a film being shot on the closed portion of the Cline Avenue extension was seriously injured yesterday evening.

    Shortly before 7:00p.m, yesterday, the movie crew was filming a stunt using numerous vehicles and drivers. During this stunt an object struck a 2006 Toyota, hitting the vehicle, and then going through the windshield hitting the driver. The driver is the personal owner of the Toyota and was an extra in the movie, not a member of the stunt personnel. The driver was airlifted from the area to Loyola Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois with a serious head injury.

    The driver has been identified as Gabriela V. Cedillo, 24 of Chicago, Illinois.

    Family has been notified.

    It is unknown what her medical status is at this time due to HIPPA Privacy Rule, Loyola Medical Center was unable to comment.

    The above is the official statement regarding the accident, it was pulled from the Idiana State Police website and says nothing about a broken tow cable or the extra's car being towed or being directly involved in the stunt. Anything posted on Deadline Hollywood should always be considered dubious, Nikki Finke is a tabloid journalist regardless of what she says. I also question who from Paramount gave the above statement? If they wouldn't have their name published I question their authority to speak for the studio and if in fact a Paramount employee really contacted Nikki Finke. I'm always suspicious when someone offers "official" info but won't attach their name to it.

  4. I would think the shooting in Florida would be Sky Lynx, not Omega Supreme.

  5. Omega Supreme...I'm dreaming big.

  6. lol Who said the Shuttle would have anything to do with it anyway? Isn't this suppose to be about the Space Race back in the 60's? I know KSC has a Saturn V on display at Banana Creek, so maybe that's why they're going. Or Rocket Garden has basically every rocket they've launched from there(NASA rockets). Maybe they'll do something like a "Jetfire" thing with the Saturn V. Honestly I don't know this is all speculation. But i'm just trying to piece it together. Shuttle just doesn't make sense.

  7. The shuttle having a role in Transformers 3 makes sense if, like me, you read media reports like the one linked below;

    This story indicated that a shuttle launch pad, a crawler and a VAB would be used in filming.
    Initially a shuttle launch was planned for mid-September but was delayed;

    I was previously unsure if the launch would coincide with filming or not.

    Also, other reports indicated that the film's stars would be present for filming. None of the primary human cast members are old enough to be featured in a flashback sequence to the 1960's.

  8. omega was a guardian of cybertron and fan favorite...just like devastator was the original and fan favorite that he brought back for decepticons. i think omega will make a guest appearance in this one...not sky lynx. just my 2 cents...although i do have a mancrush on omega

  9. first off Ray, I know more about NASA then you could dream of, so you dont need to tell me it was delayed, i am well aware. Although it says they're going to work around the Shuttle launch,it doesn't look like it's going to be happening now is it? And who said anythign about a flashback? if you read my post i said they have a saturn V there presently and it could turn into something along the lines of a "jetfire" thing. Also the crawler has been used since the beginning of KSC. It was modified for the SSP along with 39A and 39B. Although one saturn pad still stands as a memorial to the Apollo 1 astronauts. So again I dont understand your logic to a shuttle. There's no launch when they'll be there. and Discovery may not even be on the pad yet.

  10. @Ray @Sideswipe
    Based on a leaked script a while ago the plot was based around the space-race. The opening featured JFK in a flashback sequence and a later scene involved the cast going to the KSC.

    Anyway, have fun speculating. Personally i feel this scene is only of the cast going probably similar to the finding of the Allspark or the Matrix. No robots (No Jetfire or Omega Supreme)

    The TF3 Twins and downgraded Bumblebee:

  11. If the script has something to do with the space shuttle, wouldn't it be logical to assume that Astrotrain may may play a part. Like maybe the Decepticons are trying to steal a satellite or something. Actually stealing a satellite sounds VERY like G1.

  12. @ The TF3 Twins and downgraded Bumblebee
    weve already covered that
    the old car isn't bumblebee, and those are the twins
    catch up on your news before you make posts like that

  13. @Scorpio
    that was what i was basing my assumptions off of i read the beginning of it, and why i felt it made more sense.

  14. Its amazing that Paramount's description so differs from what the police have said . I do think its negligence on (not Bay) the people shooting the scene . Honestly i don't care though , Bay's a crap director, the two movies have been horrible so far so am not expecting much ...the only good thing is the special effects and bay and his croonies have nothing to do with that ,anyway like i said they can all go transform into decent film directors,,,all i car about is a young woman who is hurt and needs all the support possible and not another movie script "he said ", "she said "rubbish

  15. Sideswipe my friend...I speculate on what may happen based on the information I have. There were so many articles regarding Transformers 3 filming at the Kennedy Space Center that referenced the space shuttle and it's scheduled September 16th launch it was only natural for me to think it would have a role in the film. I didn't see any articles that indicated the production would be working at the Rocket Garden or Banana Creek or I would have figured those lacations into my theory.

    I myself know very little about NASA. Perhaps in the future you'll continue to use your knowledge of NASA to help those of us who are uninformed. Until you posted it I had no idea the launch had been delayed until November 1.

    @Anonymous 9/06/2010 3:12Am...I previously posted the only official statemnet relased thus far by the Indiana State Police regarding the accident to this thread. According to that statement " an object struck a 2006 Toyota, hitting the vehicle, and then going through the windshield hitting the driver" which is in line with what a Paramount executive allegedly told Deadline Hollywood. I encourgae you to belive only truly "official" statements regarding what happened and not tabloid talk. Everyone can have an opinion about what happened, but as of right now none of us knows what actually happened. Investigating automobile accidents is a big part of what any state police force does, they'll figure out what happened and act appropriately.

  16. @Sideswipe,
    yh, i understand i was just explaining you were both baseing your facts around different parts of the leaked script.

    Actually TFLive hadnt covered that until now, they were spotted on the road, heading to detroit i believe.

    "Actually stealing a satellite sounds VERY like G1"

    Would be a good idea, but if Soundwave can hack a satellite easily then i doubt they`ll use that :(

  17. @Ray, I think they`re just on here to bash at Bay.

    @Sideswipe, I understand i was just showing you that both you and Ray were baseing most your info of different sections of the leaked plot (The flashback at the start and the space center later).


    michael bay recorded the girl getting hurt.


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