Monday, September 06, 2010

On the Road with Twins and Turturro Theory

It has been a bit slow on the news from as Transformers 3 production remains shut down due to the Gabriella Cedillo's on set injury. A recent update from her brother indicates that she does remain unconscious but is moving in her sleep so at least a hopeful sign of recovery.

Having said that, the show must go as Transformers' Twins and the old Bumblebee Datsun where spotted being transported towards Detroit with pictures. Safe to assume that the rest of the vehicles are on their way there. However, there have been no announcements on exactly when filming resumes.

On a vaguely related note, TFW2005 has a new theory on Agent Simmons status in Transformers 3. They have put forth the theory that Simmons has become rich by writing books (one assumes based on his Sector 7 experiences). The idea seems to be based on the back alley video with John Turturro where he is dressed in a suit near a white vehicle identified as a Maybach 625 Landaulet which can cost in the neighborhood of $1.3 million.

This is further supported by three videos from the Chicago Navy Pier that shows off the car with John Turturro and other Autobots including the (recently recalled) Ferrari 458 Italia. No date on when filmed but assume sometime last month before the accident. I would be scare to death of driving a car that expensive. The cost of repairing a dent would probably pay for someone's entire college education. Not sure what a rich Agent Simmons would mean for the TF3 story but anything involving his character is probably going to be mined for humor. Thanks to Katie and DJ Bigtyme Beats for the info.

Navy Pier 2 | Navy Pier 3


  1. The Navy Pier is such a prominent Chicago landmark I wondered if they would film there.

  2. @Fox Prime - dude i would laugh so hard if sam became his bodyguard XD but since some of the autobot cars have been seen twice now with sam & simmons, maybe simmons has something they need/want like old alien info or something & simmons isnt telling them so they keep following him. random thought :D

  3. Does anyone think that the guy with the shades standing next to bumblebee,sideswipe and the ferrari (first vid)look like leo from ROTF? think he would be perfect fit for tuturro's entourage.

  4. loving that sideswipe is in this movie much more and what it looks like from all these vids and pics hes in a lot of scenes. he was a mysterious character in ROTF and a really sick fighter, great news we get to hear more from him!

  5. How about this idea:

    Simmons has started working with the goverment reverse engineering the Transformers to create weapons and is payed tons to keep him quiet. He secretly give`s sam a Prototype Reverse enginereed power glove (in the breifcase) and that explains the exsistance of the glove ;)


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