Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Toyfair 2007 Transformers Movie Sneak Peek

Tonight at the New York Toyfair, Hasbro, Paramount and Dreamworks sponsored a special sneak peak of select footage from Transformers. Based on the below description from, it appears there is still lots of post-production work to be done but things are looking pretty good so far. Also if your one of the few that got to read the script draft from last year, its pretty clear that draft was pretty darn close to the shooting script.

Below is the TFW2005's writeup and another write-up from ENews here:
At a Hasbro, Paramount and Dreamworks sponsored event, about 20 minutes of Transformers Movie footage was shown. Some of it appeared to be finished, while some scenes were just shown using base polygon models for the Transformers. The event was mainly studio big wigs all decked out in suits. A few TF fan sites were in attendance.

MAJOR SPOILERS ABOUND! You have been warned. Here is a breakdown:

- The first scene shown was Blackout attacking the military base. A much longer transformation scene is shown. The original transformation sound can be heard quite clearly. The entire crowd breaks into applause while this is happening. After transforming, Blackout proceeds to destroy the base using an EMP, to take out the electrical equipment and brute force. Crowd goes wild.

- Next is a scene with Sam trying to hit on Mikala. As her boyfriend and jocks tease Sam, Mikala gets mad and walks away. Sam offers her a ride in the 70's Camaro Bumblebee. Bumblebee has an air freshener that is a cartoony bumblebee (the insect) with the term B-otch. Bumblebee uses his radio to try and help Sam out, playing romantic music, etc. The car breaks down at a romantic spot, Mikala looks at the engine, which is very advanced. She gets fed up with the whole night and goes to leave. Bumblebee magically is fixed, starts up and plays music so she does not leave. Very comedic, crowd laughed a lot.

- Then they show a scene where Prime is driving with the Autobots tailing him. They pull up to Sam's house. Sam runs in to find something (glasses showing the location of the Allspark). Autobots hide in back yard, in robot mode. Tony said the animatics looked amazing, very animated and showing great emotion. As Sam tries to distract his Dad from going outside, Bumblebee tries to keep the Autobots quiet. Sam goes into his room, talks out the window to Optimus Prime. Cullen's voice is heard. Much deeper voice than he used on G1 Prime.

- Optimus Prime has a mouth in non-battle mode. Many people seemed thrown off, will take getting use to.

- Ratchet backs into power lines and shorts himself out. In the original script this was supposed to be Jazz. Autobots try to transform into vehicles and hide, but they are still in yard. Sector 7 guys show up and take Sam and Mikala away. Played more comical than serious. John Turturro leads the Sector 7 group. Some of these scenes had the Autobots as very early polygon renders.

- The lights go out, but before people can leave, they ask if they want one more scene. Crowd goes nuts. They show the scene where Scorponok is chasing the soldiers. Lots of crazy action. Some comedy thrown in as well. Air strike comes in and throws everything they have at Scorpronok. He is not killed, but damaged and jumps intop sand and retreats.

- End of event.

Tony said the whole thing looked amazing. He was a very skeptical fan leaning towards not liking the direction of the film. He was very pleased with what he saw. Said the Transformers all look phenomenal in motion and the trailer showed nothing compered to the movement and emotion the characters display. There were some known movie detractors in the audience who flipped out. Loud applause and cheering heard throughout the event.

Small gallery of the outside of the event can be seen by clicking

We would like to thank Hasbro, Paramount, and Dreamworks for allowing TFW2005 to attend the event.
Thanks to Maximus for the link.
AICN has posted a report of the same sneak peak event here.


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  4. I am really excited for this movie!! I cannot wait!

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