Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Princeton Videos

After a bunch of set pictures, here are more videos to go with them.

The first seven are videos Russell found on Google video that show a scene involving the Saturn Astra and the Persuit Go-Kart as they down a street. It includes a reset, re-take, and the extras doing their thing. The Astra is damaged so I guess its something that occurs after the pole crash. The last video is from PhillyFilmGirl that shows Shia filming a scene as he clutches his books and also just him goofing around to kill time on set.

Thanks Russell and PhillyFilmGirl for the videos.

Update: Russell found an article from the Princeton Packet that indicates the filming occured on Nassau Street and Washington Road.


  1. lawl at last video. XD wtf?

    and its nice to see Sam is still as spaztic as ever.

    He needs some chill pills. lol!

  2. AHHH i love this site and hate it at the same time. I just wish i could walk away and nevr come back to this site until the movie comes out. lol i keep ruining it for myself, but i have an addiction.

  3. P.S. I checked michaelbay.com and it now says TRANSFORMERS : Revenge is Coming, which makes this a lot more interesting if you ask me

  4. Those first 7 vids are mine ! :))

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  6. What does Sam say when hes with all those books?

  7. transformers rotf is the best movie..is better then the fist one .......o and megan fox ohhhhhhhhhhhhh sexy


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