Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Princeton Day 1 Picture Extravaganza

I have already posted a report with pictures of the Transformers 2 Princeton University shoot. Well here are a bunch more from a lot of site readers.

First up is JD, who reports that the Saturn Astra used in the shoot (and seen at UPENN) actually has a twin. One was pre-damaged for a collision with the light pole with a large hole in the windshield and damage on the hood (first pic in the background). The second car is an un-damaged version of the same vehicle. He also provided a picture of some of the rigging around Holder Hall and a shot of Megan chilling in the shade.

Next up is pictures from Mike. He reports seeing Shia, Megan, Ramon, and Isabel all filming on set. As for the pics, they show the area being shot, Shia in the Astra which suggests he is in it when it gets shot up and crashes in a pole and the camera Go-Kart (also seen at Bethlehem) that usually follows the action to get the various needed coverage.

Onward to to BP who also reports seeing the two Astras and the Pursuit Systems Go-Kart. The pictures show the pre-damaged Astra and Megan Fox is she does whatever it she is doing.

Cheeseburger's turn. She provides some close-up eye candy for the guys and girls (depending on your preferences) in the form of Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox. Personally I am not complaining about Megan's outfit.

Last, but not least, is J Fuller. He was once again tapped to be an extra thanks to wearing solid color clothing to help in the blending that background requires. He was with his friend as they walked and talk. The scene, filmed 5-6 times, was of Megan Fox getting out of a taxi cab and collecting her bags from the trunk. He also spotted Shia, and unlike last time, was friendly and spent a good deal of time signing autographs for everyone. Megan did sign 5 but then left. J also learned that they are filming through Wednesday and that all scenes would be "walk & talks" so no Transformer cars are expected. He also learned that the cast is staying at the Princeton Marriot.

Potential Spoilers. The shoot at UPENN and Princeton are two sides of the same coin where, via the magic of editing, will all represent Sam at Princeton for the movie. Obviously something happens though to get Sam from Princeton and on to his next Transformer adventure and Cheeseburger has a theory from the various conversations she has heard on the sets for the last week or so.

The idea is the basic plot for the two shoots is Sam touches a box or some TF object and loses it in the middle of class drawing symbols the same way his great grandpa Witwicky did. This leads him to getting locked up in a prison or insane asylum and needing to get broken out. She also heard references to Megatron's return. Speculate and discuss but remember it is all theory until the movie comes out. The speculation is half the fun anyway (your theory turning out to be right later is the other half :P).

Thanks to JD, Mike, BP, Cheeseburger and J Fuller for their pictures and information.


  1. damn megan looks gooood!!!!

  2. I agree. Megan Fox is FIYAH. Very interesting (possible) spoilers.

  3. Hmm, this seems like an interesting plot, can't wait to see it when it comes out.

  4. JD, Mike, BP, and Cheeseburger - we should all meet up on the set sometime, since it seems we are mostly there at the same times

  5. Haha wow, great pics guys. Shia was nice enough to come by and sign some stuff/shake some hands. If you're trying to get his attention I wouldn't hold a camera while doing it, since they are trying to stop everyone taking pics.

  6. For those that don't know, it's a common practice in film-making to use more than one copy of one kind of car. I'm still wondering if the Saturn is a Decepticon, because wasn't there a scene filmed where it was being chased by Prime, Ironhide, and Bumblebee? I seem to recall that.

  7. j fuller how'd u get to be an extra? u were an extra in philly and now in princeton right? sorry im just curious!! =]
    i wish i was an extra!! =(

  8. @Anonymous - its a funny story actually. Yes I was called to be an extra at UPENN. As for yest, i just happen to be wearing kwaki shorts and a solid gray shirt. If you are an extra they always put them in solid colors, my buddy was too just by luck. Anyways we get down there and they only had one area blocked off so my buddy walk up to right almost where the taxi cab is in my pic. We didnt think anything of it since we were around a bunch of other college kids. I was on the phone at the time, someone from the crew comes up to me, so i put my phone away and he asks if we were extras, i looked at my buddy and we said "yah" so he told us to step like 10 feet back. All of a sudden we hear "extras rolling" we see everyone around us start walking so we did too, than they yell "rolling" so after they yelled "cut" we kept walking to the barricade. Obviously im not getting paid or anything but its a funny story

  9. that is awesomeee i dont know if u mind me asking but did they pay u a lot to be an extra? haha
    im gona try and go todayyy just to look around

  10. @jfuller... haha I could so see that happening. If you "look" like you're supposed to be there then you could basically do anything you want. Also being nice helps to, there where plenty of kids on the sides yelling dumb things at the cast which obvisously isn't very appealing.

  11. The (2) best comments i heard, one which got Shia to come over in the first place. Some young kid told him, he sucked in Indy 4. Than a little girl got his autograph, than turns to her friend and says "I got his autograph,...I dont even like him" we all started laughing.
    @Mike - you going down there again? I doubt I can make it today, but I should be there all day tomorrow

  12. Haha, some people are crazy. I Didn't go at all today, I was beat last night after being there from 10am-8pm haha.

    I've got work tomorrow so I doubt I'll be there, unless somebody gets some crazy details on the shoot haha.

  13. Ill be ther from 1-3 and 6 till whenever tomorrow...

  14. Does anyone know what time they will finish filming today? 6/25?

  15. Cheeseburger--just wanted to say "thhhhhaaannnkk yooouuuuuu!" for the pics of Megan Fox. WHOA
    =Chilly from MD

  16. Megan has herself a five-head!

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