Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rainn Wilson On Set Pictures

As previously reported, Rainn Wilson aka Dwight K Shrute of The Office, has been spotted. Thanks to JD, we now have pictures to go with it that show Rainn in full beard mode. His role is likely the professor for Sam's Astronomy 101 class which I am betting Sam is late getting to which explains why Shia has been spotted rushing across campus fumbling his books and papers. The report from JD:
As reported, all of today (and even right now @ 7:30) was shot in a corner lecture hall/classroom in McCosh & Dickinson Halls. Rainn Wilson aka Dwight K. Schrute was 100% on campus and in the scene as the professor. At one point he was wearing a formal outfit with a sash around his neck but he came out a half an hour later with a pair of leather pants and button down shirt (pictures below). No sign of Megan Fox (sigh) at all today.

Didn't feel like sticking around but all the trucks were definitely packing up to go and some were already gone. I did ask a lady who was on set where they would be going next - she said they are taking a "short break" and then production will head to the west coast.

I found a map of shooting locations etc. on the ground which was interesting - I'm sure not too many people knew about the base camp on the bottom of the map or the second street location located all the way to the left of the map.

In addition, Rainn Wilson briefly discussed the role with Dark Horizons after the MTV Movie Awards:
You haven't signed up for anything else for your next hiatus, have you?
No. I mean, this hiatus, there really was nothing shooting, because there's this potential SAG strike happening. So there are not really any movies happening right now. But I have The Rocker to promote and I'm doing a couple days on The Transformers II.

Oh, really? As whom?
As a robot. No. As a professor. But maybe he's a robot. Maybe I'll just pretend he's a robot, or I'll play him as a robot.

Have you ever worked with Michael Bay before?
I have not worked with Michael Bay before. And I think that is a hilarious, hysterical match-up. Is Rainn Wilson and Michael Bay.
Thanks to JD for the pictures and report.


  1. Megan was indeed on the set later. I showed up at 5:45, and Megan walked into the filming entryway of McCosh shortly after. She left around 6:45.

    As for that shooting locations map, I find it hilarious they're shooting the GYM as the library and the library as a classroom...

  2. Oh, and they're filming in LA next. Dunno when though.

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  4. hahaa
    i remember watching on set earlier
    and some kid got flipped off by rainn...jokingly of course. but how awesome is that...being able to say hey, i got flipped off by rainn wilson lol

  5. JD when you took the pic of Rain i was about 10 ft behind you, from the angle of the pic lol

  6. i think they might be filming in princeton again tomm alot of there equipment was still there around 1 am today it didnt even look like they were trying to pack it up some of it was even unattended.

  7. both the posts and the comments on this website as pertaining to T2 are so lame. Like a bunch of ladies squabbling.

  8. FWIW, there was some more filming on Hollow Road in nearby Hillsborough for the last couple of days. It was at a house in a wooded lot, and there was a huge fire truck in front of it. About a hundred feet down from the house was another base camp.

  9. FYI, the last scene they filmed yesterday evening was Shia hopping on the back of Megan's bike after class and their driving off...


  10. ya i left around 7:30ish I had enough lol

  11. I was drivin into work today and Rainn Wilson was on WZLX! He was in studio and he was freakin' hilarious. If anyone wants to check it out go and check out the audio and pics!


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