Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Autobot Tattoo for Megan Fox? (Updated)

It appears that Megan Fox may be sporting a new tattoo, the Autobot logo, if the cover image from the next issue of Empire Magazine is to be believed. The image (left) is one of the best I have seen of her in a while with the topless look and hair extensions. She is no stranger to tattoos as the poem on her ribs and especially the Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her lower right arm which probably caused the Transformers 2 costume and make-up departments more than a few headaches in covering consistently for Bay's action sequences.

Despite Fox's love of tattoos I doubt this is the real deal. I think it’s either a Photoshop or a temp tattoo. Part of the reason is because she just doesn't strike me as a Transfan. For her it is just a job and you don't get tattoos of a job. She loves the comic series Fathom so would believe a tattoo from that more. Besides, the tattoo is too small and in too standard a location. She likes tattoos you can't miss and feel compelled to ask about and she would probably throw a new tat on the inner thigh, top of her foot or some other unusual location that you normally don't find them. At least it makes for a nice change of pace from toy pictures. Hopefully the actual interview, assuming it has Transformers 2 content, will be made available online soon.

Update: To probably the surprise of no one, the tattoo is faked. As Seibertron.com found out, the picture is modified from an old issue of Rolling Stones Japan. I was hoping it was at least new as recent pictures of Fox have no been as good as the older ones, not sure why. Best guess is she has lot too much weight (yeah too much of anything is never good). Sigh, we need some real Transformers news so sexy but pointless crap like this isn't even worth posting about. Thanks to Selective Realism for the link.


  1. she's practically a goth chick. no way she has a TF tattoo.

  2. Selective Realism3/24/2009 10:25 PM

    It's a photoshop hoax.


  3. damn she looks good in that pic with those hair extensions. i would love to put my face in her ass.

  4. the photo is old. it was for rollingstone magazine i think.

  5. "i would love to put my face in her ass."
    I'm sorry guys---my crazy mother wanders onto this blog some times-----forgive her. **WHISPERS** She's a real whacko!!

  6. Megan looks tooooo skinny in this picture. looks like a stick to me. hek. i prefer the new looks. more curve and sexy...

  7. I think the tatoo could be legitimate. She sports her Star Wars t-shirt in public! Now I don't think getting a small Autobot tat on her shoulder wouldn't be a shocker or anything weird. I like her. She's not afriad to show her interests.

  8. I think the tatoo could be legitimate.

    It was already stated that it's fake, so why bother...

  9. damn she looks good in that pic with those hair extensions. i would love to put my face in her ass.

    She looks good, I would do it too.

  10. The dead walk, and apparently attempt to look sexy! You're not fooling me, zombie!

  11. Is it me, or does that NOT look like Megan Fox at all? She's like a completely different woman!

  12. The old adage first spoken by the philosopher Sophacles comes to mind:

    I would eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from.

  13. Just saw a pic on the picture pool that would suggest cliffjumper is in this movie.


  14. Replying to Essex:

    Seems like a repaint similar to what they did in the first film!

  15. Just saw a pic on the picture pool that suggests Sideways finally gets cornered in the chase scene.


  16. Replying to Anonymous at 12:13PM:

    LOL hopefully we have more of this sort of humor to come rather than the Pentagon joke or The Fallen joke!

    P.s. Has anyone heard off G-man?

  17. @ Scorpio...
    You mean that aweful Japenese giant guy who fights giant monsters godzilla style?

  18. Hello Guys & Gals---I am new to this whole spoiler stuff.

    Would anyone PLEASE be able to explain the comics to me? What is the difference between the Alliance/Defiance? Are they set in the same time-period??


    Jenny [Fangurl 4LIFE]

  19. -You mean that aweful Japenese giant guy who fights giant monsters godzilla style?-

    No i mean that person who one my competition. It would be a shame if he has left the blog as he wont be able to see his winning idea when i upload it sometime in the next 2-4 months. Maybe sooner!

  20. Hey Jenny, use google.

  21. Alliance comics are set right after the first film finshes. Defiance is set thousands if not millions of years ago.

    Alliance is about the Alliance between humans and Autobots. And Defiance is about Megatron's defiance on cybertron causing two factions and a civil war.

    They are both from the movie continuity.

    Anything else I can help you with my man?

  22. Actually 'Lady' but THANKS SO MUCH ESSEX

    So what you are saying is that the material in the 'Defiance' comics will be shown in the new movie as flashbacks like they did when Megatron killed the Autobot on Cybertron.

    So the Alliance comics will take place in between the Los Angeles final battle from the first and lead-in to the sequel?

    Jenny :)

  23. -So the Alliance comics will take place in between the Los Angeles final battle from the first and lead-in to the sequel?-

    Yes thats the basics of it however Alliance may include a few flashbacks to the previous film probably to explain Barricades disappearance and return in this film.

  24. "i would love to put my face in her ass"

    Oh WOW. Are you talking Hancock prison scene style or something? That is the most jacked up thing I have ever heard...congrats on that one. Lets hope she doesnt load up on the bean burritos if you ever get lucky enough in your wettest dream for it to actually happen.

  25. shes too hot...now, if only she had boobs

  26. skinny........ looks like a piece of plywood.

  27. Here is a list I found of pictures and descriptions of all of Megan Fox's tattoos Megan Fox tattoos

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