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Turturro Voices Jetfire?

In a translated article by Djeeloo on the Shoot for the Edit forums, from French magazine Premier Cine Live, is an indication that John Turturro (Agent Simmons) will be the voice of Jetfire. Also, signs are not good for Transfan love for the Twins. Thanks to Richard for the link. Slight edits have been made to the original post.
Set: Egypt, in front of Kheops Pyramid, stands an ancient 30’s palace built for King Faruk’s guests.

At “Action”, Shia runs through the yard, stops at the doorstep and hits the door with his shoulder. Megan Fox, John Turturro and Ramon Rodriguez come next and hurry inside the building.

Shia heads up, shout a few words at an imaginary Bumblebee, and gets in. Three cars, the Camaro, the red TRAX and the green BEAT, start quickly and stop a bit further away to look out. The three vehicles are driven by black-suited (and thereby “invisible”) stuntmen behind the smoked glass.

At the end of the day, the crew moves to the third and smallest pyramid, Mykerinos. John Turturro, back as always angry agent Simmons, has to climb up a few stones. This hasn’t been done for 30 years: Too many accident occurred and Egyptians had forbidden it. Turturo will try to run from an imaginary Decepticon.

Michael Bay says: “I had the idea of these two stupid Transformers, Skids and Mudflap. They’re twins who can’t stop bickering, but they do heroic things at the beginning of the movie.

Bumblebee, on his side, has become more serious. He doesn’t want to leave Sam’s parents’ garage. There is also an old Transformer, who loses screws and bolts at every move. And it’s John Turturro voicing him.”

The movie will start at Gyzeh, Egypt, long before pyramids were built, and will end at the same place nowadays, with a huge fight between Autobots and Decepticons.

It’s said that we’ll learn in the movie how pyramids were built. Does it involve any Transformer?
The article is in line with the USA Today article and pictures from last year. Now the "old Transformer" (and voicing) has not officially been identified but Jetfire's bio describing him as having "ancient strength" seems to indicate he is the likely culprit.


  1. I think if Jetfire's voice is Turturo, we would notice the similarity almost immediately. Anyways, heres an update. Package bio of Constructicon Rampage and Sideswipe!!! I can't zoom in enough 2 read it tho, so good luck guys!


  2. I could make out a few words in "ZOOM"

    Who in the heck takes a pic like that of 4 figs. if you only take a pic of 2 you proved your point you have them {whoopdeedoo} and we could read the box.


  3. As for Rampage--a bit better-----still blurry

    HMMM do I smell a constructicon 'RUMBLE'

    I can't wait to see that 'jackhammer' mode on the big screen!!!

  4. First off: I'm a Turturro fan & I'm Italian but...

    What will Jetfire sound like--the Godfather & J.Pesci?

    "Jetfire---how are we gonna save Optimus?"
    * rubbing his metal chin & face *
    "Fuhgettaboutit JoeyMudflaps---I gave the Fallen an offer he can't refuse"
    "You sure are funny Jetfire"
    * gives JoeyMudflaps an evil stare *
    "How am I funny? Am I a clown--do I amuse you?"

    Thank You--Thank You

    LM from PA

  5. Michael Bay says: “I had the idea of these two stupid Transformers, Skids and Mudflap. They’re twins who can’t stop bickering, but they do heroic things at the beginning of the movie."
    What the heck is that Bay I've been waiting this long to hear this? "Two stupid robots" I don't want to hear during a serious scene these two doing stupid comic relief. This better just be a rumor besides hasn't the whole twin's arguing been used before *cough* Oceans 11* Cough*

  6. OMG---I figured it out......

    J. Turrtturrooo {spelling?} is "simulating" the voice of JETFIRE because there wasn't a track to go with the action sequence. It's probably some kind of joke about losing parts & screws {then again John T was 'lubricated' by BB} so this rumor can be put to me [ZzZzZzZzZ]


  7. It's just Michael Bay using his "creativeness"(try not to laugh) and portray 2 bumbling idiots so little kiddies can have a laugh. Basically, giving these characters some depth/development was too much work so Bay decides to make them look and act(and will probably) talk dumb. Hopefully these god awful creations don't have much screen time.

  8. /facepalm @ the twins and Jetfire being a funny character. I would prefer to have Jetfire being old and focused, rather than dropping bolts and screws around him when he moves.

  9. Torturro voicing Jetfire? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Now THIS is one thing that I pray is part of Michael Bay's silly little mis-information campaign.

  10. Phil here again, found Defiance #3 prequel pages

    enjoy pplz

  11. Agent Simmons was one of my main annoyance with Transformers 1, unfortunately :-(

  12. have any of you heard Torturro's voice acting? I haven't give the guy a chance. Isn't this just like what happened in the first movie? People picked apart everything they could about the movie and then in the end loved it. Michael Bay has earned the benefit of a doubt.

  13. To the anonymous above:
    I don't think its the fact that Torturro is doing the actual voice that gets peope started. I can only speak for myself, but I think it's the risk of making Jetfire a silly character instead of ancient, intelligent and bitter. Instead he might turn out to be Gargamel or Scrooge McDuck. And that really grinds my gears.

  14. I think people worry because Turturro was the worst part of the first film.

  15. So Jetfire will take the place of Kup as being the elder Transformer in all of this? I would have preferred they just bring in Kup then and keep Jetfire as the cool scientific mind he was in G1 or the DW/IDW comic run.

    Now I'm all for humor and everything but sometimes I feel they then force it into areas that should be left untouched. Sounds like the twins are taking the place of who would have preferred Waspinator in the movie if they wanted comic relief.

  16. Okay is anyone else here thinking why Agent Simmons is in this film?

    He was with sector seven! I wonder whether he has anything to do with the glowing blue thing in a jar called The Splinter which was shown in the first official pics. Brainstorm! Maybe the splinter can be used to awaken The Fallen.

    It seems that The Fallen encouraged Megatron to go to war with the autobots. However the fallen isn't alone or maybe he is we don't know.

    I`m really annoyed Jetfire is the old one i would have wanted Kup as the old warrior.

    Replying to mike:
    I know it`s really annoying as there is too much humor in these films. They should have had Waspinator as a vehicle like this design. Although i do know this is fan made:

  17. Couldn't he conceivably be the voice of the ice cream truck, since we have no idea what that is currently? Seems pretty old and falling apart.

  18. 2 parts I hated about the TF1 movie was when Agent Simmons took his clothes of and had "Sector 7" underware on and when Bumblebee "pee'd" on him.

    That and how long it took for the backyard scene.

  19. Yeah spelling mistakes...
    of = off
    underware = underwear

  20. Ok, first off, turturro was an excellent secondary character in the first movie....way above voight, blonde chick and fat anderson. Second, what "official" pictures of the splinter in a jar are u referring to scorpio? And humor is a great thing in these movies btw...its not a serious movie, as much as u fanboys like to think these movies are actual "war" movies, they're not

  21. I think people worry because Turturro was the worst part of the first film.

    Funny, cause i liked him, and i am happy, that he is in the second movie.

  22. @yankeesrule587: what the heck are you talking about? Transformers was not a comedy movie. Transformers2:ROTF is going to be way darker. The humor is pretty toned down and used as a way to show the contrast between people normal life and the threat that living metal aliens cause on Earth. Transformers is a serious war movie and even in the real world soldiers do make jokes even while fighting in some dramatic situations.

  23. It's a show. About giant transforming space robots who fight each other. Based on a CHILDREN'S. CARTOON. From the 80s. It's not Batman. XD

    Realism and taking itself seriously don't necessarily equate to 'dark, grizzly, super angsty war movie'. Humour is welcome so long as it doesn't detract from the storyline.

    I don't think the Twins will be that stupid. I like their concept, though their design is a little off to me. I hope to see them in action.

    I don't think he meant nuts and bolts falling off in a comical 'whoops there goes my pelvis' way. More like a laboured, extremely rattled way as a result of his age.
    I mean, is it so hard to imagine that an old, rusty robot might have a few parts falling out from it? Besides, doesn't mean Jetfire can't be wise or contemplative.

  24. @Anonymous: "Anonymous said...It's a show. About giant transforming space robots who fight each other. Based on a CHILDREN'S. CARTOON. From the 80s. It's not Batman. XD" -- And what is Batman if not a comics story that was created for children originally,uh?

  25. @Anonymous above. Well, that's true, though technically it all started as Detective Comics, I believe, in which Batman's parents are KILLED. But I'm referring to Batman's development, which showed a gradual shift towards being more mature, adult, serious and overall dark. Transformers, on the other hand, just seems brighter and more kid-friendly to me. Whether that's good or bad is all a matter of personal taste, though I certainly can't dispute that both franchises have had awesome writing thrown into it.

  26. "Couldn't he conceivably be the voice of the ice cream truck, since we have no idea what that is currently? Seems pretty old and falling apart."

    The ice cream truck is the twins.

  27. Perhaps Turturro was just filling in as the voice on set. Kinda like Mark Ryan did for the first movie.

  28. @Anonymous: There have been plenty of mature dark stories during the Transformers franchise which were aiming more adults than just kids. Even G1 and G2 anime series had some pretty dark war based sci-fi episodes. Then some graphic novels had really serious apocalyptic dark elements. The darkest one probably is the one in which was explained the nature of Primus and Unicron as semi-Gods.... and the never ending war between good and evil.

    We dont wanna see jokes and some robots peeing in the backyard Bay! Screw the jokes!

    We just wanna see some Badass Decepticons VS Scary Autobots! using theirs weapons! Until one shutdown. !

  30. SCI-Fiction! For God's sake Shut up!
    Leave the Jokes Bay!! TRANSFORMES its not a comedy! You didnt have a happy childhood? Cmon if you wanna laugh go and direct ICE AGE 4 or Madagascar! STUPID BAY!

    BTW: Love Transformes 1 I juts got the Blue ray disc, WOOW awesome CGI & action scenes(besides the stupids jokes)

  31. yankeesrule587: I didn't mind Turturro and I don't mind the jokes like "I think it's from japanese" or riding on a little girls bike trying to follow Bumblebee as he drove off. Just the Sector 7 underwear and BB "Peeing" on Simmons was stupid, it even took away from his character.

    The backyard scene was funny at points, but it just dragged on too long.

    What "official" pictures of the splinter in a jar are u referring to scorpio?

    He means this one.

    Found here, but don't think it was the original locaton of the picture when mentioned it might be from the All Spark:

  32. Yes i was on about that picture. Here is my run down of the transformers plot as perceived by the New images from the revenge of the fallen coloring book and new info!

    1.A transformers is loose in china and things go mad until Arcee finds him. (This is the scene with Sideways)
    2.Starscream returns to cybertron and gets a group of followers to return with him to earth. Soundwave believing Starscream to be lying about Megatrons demise goes to look for him.
    3.Soundwave arrives and hacks into a satellite system to gain information on the whereabouts of Megatron.
    4.Finding Megatron absorbed the allspark Soundwave goes to find him and helps repair and rebuild him.
    5.Sam has grown accustom to school life however he now has a new love interest Alice (The pretender) who likes him. He is also experiencing huge effects of coming into contact with the allspark and starts going nuts. Speed reads a book and draws symbols on his bedroom walls.
    6.Optimus believes Sam is foreseeing the future. Sam foresee`s a huge menace (Devastator) and a dangerous plot.
    7. Wheelie (Decepticon) goes to Mikela`s house and finds the power of the allspark (Remains linger in the surroundings) however mikela gets him with a blowtorch. He then leaves the decepticons and joins the autobots.
    8.When soundwave destroys a huge number of places by firing his Fireballs from space Sector seven executive Simmons is brought back to find help from the autobots.
    9.Dealing with more fights from a huge number of Decepticons the Autobots are in trouble. Alice starts making out with Sam and turns into her pretender form (At the School). Sam drives home and is attacked by a vast number of frenzy like drones then drives off in the car (Car battle). He drives to an abandoned warehouse and is captured by Starscream however Megatron arrives and punches Starscream to keep him in his place.
    10.Megatron pins down Sam on top of a car and demands to know what happened to the rest of the allspark. Optimus saves Sam and fights Megatron.
    11.Megatron and group (Including Starscream) find a Sector seven base which has the final piece of the allspark in it and take it! They head to egypt. It is only know that things start to grow a huge plot and the horrible truth is revealed. It turns out The Fallen when he knew that he would be imprisoned in an alternate realm came to earth and created a machine to help him escape. This machine was covered with slabs to stop it from being discovered by the autobots.
    12. Everyone arrives at the pyramid. Jetfire and wheelie are now on the Autobots side. Devastator appears and tears off the top of the Pyramid revealing a huge metal spear tower. Megatron inserts the allspark piece (Spike) and the tower blast a beam of light at the sun and The Fallen is released.
    13. A huge fight occurs. Jetfire fights Megatron while Optimus fights The Fallen and The twins, Bumblee bee and Sideswipe fight Devastator. The fight ends with Megatron bieng betrayed by starscream and wounded so he is unable to continue fighting. In one of the coolest scenes ever Soundwave finally appears on earth and blasts Sideswipe with his sound field. He disables Bumblee bee and almost kills Prime ripping his spark from his chest and taking it to Megatron. Jetfire enraged follows and attacks Soundwave although he is already fleeing. With one of his legs broken Devastator cant function as a whole and the separate constructions flee. (It is unknown what happens to The Fallen although it is presumed he survives) A weak and dying prime is placed on a metal slab (Like an operating table) His autobots gather round him. Optimus proclaims Bumblee bee as leader before he dies.

    14. The Autobots may have lost this fight but the war will go on. Prime led a good example of this a brave soldier to the end.

    It is unknown whether Prime will die however seeing as he has his butt kicked by The Fallen, Devastator, Megatron and even by Soundwave he is very likely to die!

    P.s Please don't pester me about whether this is real information or not it is solely based on what has been released so far. The film will most likely be way different from this. I cannot predict the future i can only forward my ideas.
    Sorry for the long post.

  33. ^^^^SO ANNOYING^^^^

  34. Damn Right Ideas you got! I almost see all those images/Scenes in my mind... COOL !
    The only bad thing its Sound wave appear almost at the end :(

    P.S I know its only your plot, The movie would be a whole different.

    At the end Mikaela would be Pregnant from Sam and that babyboy would be the New leader of the Autobots !

  35. "It is unknown whether Prime will die however seeing as he has his butt kicked by The Fallen, Devastator, Megatron and even by Soundwave he is very likely to die!"

    NO, NOOOOOO, STOP IT! STOP IT SCORPIO!AAAAAGGGHHHHH!(Covering my ears with my hands, closing my eyes) PRIME CAN'T DIE !!!!! NOOOOOOOO! MOMMY!(Kicking my feet, throwing things)

    J/K, KILL HIM!

  36. What does J/K mean? Apart from the obvious.

    Anyway sorry for that huge post just had to tell everyone my thoughts.

    Sorry to scare you. However i cant see anyway the Autobots can win this battle without many people of them dying.

    To anonymous at 5:36pm:

    Thanks for the compliments. I believe soundwave may only appear at the end as he is seen firing Fireballs down from the sky which hit somewhere in Egypt near a pyramid so that means he must be in vehicle mode. Although i believe we may have soundwave more often i believe my plot for his reveal would give much more depth to the character and portray his insanity, Loyalties to Megatron and his powers. I am also wondering if bay has hired Frank Welker to voice soundwave how large a part will he play as most of the trailer footage shows him launching those Fireballs from space!

  37. Transformers is not by any means a serious war film and anyone who thinks that needs to go see Saving Private Ryan. It is an action block buster that doesn't take itself too seriously because honestly the concept is absurd. The reason why so many people liked it 2 years ago was its balance of humor and action it did not take itself too seriously. That's why it was soooo much better than Pirates 3 or Spider-Man 3. Because the film makers made you laugh at the concept (purposely).
    PS: Transformers has always been for kids and in pretty much every incarnation there is some cheesy humor because well its transformers and the creators don't take themselves too seriously which is a reason why it's so successful.

  38. Scorpio this is starting to sound annoying.

  39. Damn........I.......actually agree.......with......CounterPunch???



    P.S Nobody wanna see "Saving Private Ryan" just all we want, its some Robots using their Guns and Weapons with cool CGI effects! PERIOD.

  42. "Nobody wanna see "Saving Private Ryan" just all we want, its some Robots using their Guns and Weapons with cool CGI effects! PERIOD."

    Than that isn't a war movie that's all I want too but there's gonna and have to be humor in it that's what made TF1 so good and bay does not care what you say TF2 will be similar to TF1 in tone.

  43. I still hate Bay's guts for saying this when asked to do a Transformers movie. It shows how much of a moron this guy really is. He seriously must have an iq of less then 70.

    Michael Bay was asked to direct by Spielberg on July 30, 2005,[1] but he dismissed the film as a "stupid toy movie".

  44. Because it was it was an adaption of a toy and know one knew how to do it yet. So what does it matter he got on board and directed a great film anyway that you probably enjoyed and if you didn't then why are you on this board. I mean if someone asked you to direct a barbie movie what you think a stupid girly toy movie until you sat down and thought about how you could do it in a respectable way. Bay barely knew what transformers was back then just be grateful it turned out good.

  45. @9:31,
    Learn the difference between 'know' and 'no'. Secondly Transformers being giant robots and Barbie being a girls doll are two totally different concepts and are a very moronic way of comparing cinematic relevance. I think robot wars have been done before and so have 'Barbie' type movies.

    You are telling me if you were asked to be involved with Transformers would you think its 'too kiddie'? Imagine the possibilities there and tell me how stupid you have to be come up with that response that its too kiddie. Transformers the cartoon movie was more adult that Bay's Formers. Bay is totally incompetent, just because he put an 'OK' TF Live movie out does not make him special. He has alot of work to do to unleash the full potential of the Transformers and every old-school fan knows it.

  46. is it true that Jazz gets pulled apart once more making him even smaller in this new film?

  47. ignoring Jazz for a moment,

    TFW2005 has some major spoilers from the ROTF coloring book.

    Megs is definitely not a flash back, and gives a bit more insight to whats happening with sam when he is holding him down.

  48. I liked Turturro granted everyone has a right to their own opinion. Speaking for myself only I think he may do a really good job as Jetfire. By the time they are done processing his voice he may very much end up being bitter sounding. Turturro character is a little grumpy anyways. Besides that none of us know Jetfire's exact role in the movie to really know how he is to behave. This isn't the Transformers a lot of us grew up on this is a whole new generation just has some familiar names to it. I look forward to hearing what Turturro has to offer in it

  49. Is it just me, or does anybody else get the impression that Jetfire will sound/act like Herbert the gay pedophile on family guy but a little less pedophile-ish??

  50. ^^haha... and jetfire has a beard! oh boy

  51. "where's the muscly-armed paperboy with the good news"

  52. "You are telling me if you were asked to be involved with Transformers would you think its 'too kiddie'?"

    Umm hello when are you gonna learn that not everyone in the world has their life centered around transformers. If someone called up a regular everyday 44 year old man(too old to have gotten into the transformers in the80s) and asked them to direct a live action transformers movie. What's his first reaction going to be obviously "transformers you mean like the toys that all those kids play with" no one really knew how this movie turned out the film makers say so in their behind the scenes and dvd commentary.
    They even got insulted for making a toy movie. Toy adaptions are looked down upon in Hollywood. Especially if you were a guy who was known to direct adult action movies (granted some of them were bad). And know to have someone to ask you to direct a toy movie. Spielberg saw its potential because well his kids were into it when they were younger so he saw that this could be a great. Plus the guys a visionary and not many people see things the way he does (or it takes them longer). That does not make Bay incompetent because obviously if you're here commenting on the sequel then you enjoyed the first movie and I'm pretty sure most of these people that's why they jump to anything sequel related. Because of anticipation if this movie sucked no one would really care about the sequel.

  53. "'OK' TF Live movie out does not make him special."
    Umm the movie was great maybe not on a critical level but as far as audiences go it was great. Need proof check the user(non critics) reaction on Rotten Tomatoes 80%. That means a lot people liked it. Some might say the critical reaction 57% is disappointing well not really considering a lot of that criticism was from biased bay haters and this movie was never meant to entertain critics. And the critics who mattered gave it a 70% anyways.

  54. There's a lot of processing to create a TF voice, so I don't think you will really recognize the voice of Turturo. Like for Hugo Weaving with Megatron.
    In TF1 it's the same actor voicing Barricade and Ironhide. (OK, Barricade talks weirdly).
    So, if what I read turns out to be true, I guess it won't disturb so much...

  55. There are no real voices set yet its not true he was just performing a voice on set because jetfire doesn't have voice ye.t.

  56. Replying to Anonymous at 6:21pm:

    I know i don't mind the humor i just think that they shouldn't have many rude moments like the racist insults said by the car dealer or the constant puberty jokes!

    Counterpunch said...
    Scorpio this is starting to sound annoying.

    Scorpio says:
    Sorry, i didnt mean to annoy you. I was only saying my opinions Granted it was a bit too long i better start cutting down on post length

  57. Its ok, just keep posting, Keep it out Bro!

  58. yeah....the "racism" was running rampant in TF1....LMFAO.....thats why it did so well at the box office.....jeez.......idiot.....lots of "racist" parents with "racist" kids in well as "racist" 30 year DB!!!

  59. Gregg Berger for the voice of Skyfire(Jetfire in ROTF)! Man I wish they could've kept his original name, I think it is way cooler than Jetfire. I also wish that Bay would continue to get the original voice actors whenever possible. Even if they update/alter the voices a little, it would be cool to give those talented people that helped skyrocket the Transformers to the popularity it is today a shot to reprise their role on the big screen. U may call me a geewuner but I don't think many people understand just how talented some of those guys are.

  60. About time Ironhide aims his weapons at Simmons' face...

    @ Scorpio. You do that then!

  61. So, Peter Cullen reprises Optimus Prime's role, Mark Ryan Bumblebee's role and Hugo Weaving Megatron's role. Then Frank Welker voices Soundwave and Ravage and now John Turturro voices Jetfire. Would be interesting to know more voice actors and will Jess harnell, Robert Foxworth and Charlie Adler reprise their roles.

  62. Jess Harnell and Charlie Adler are listed on imdb as reprising their roles, so they should be back (I hope).
    All the voice actors should be the holographic images in each transformers' vehicle mode. I think that would be cool to give these guys some much deserved screen time.


  63. -Scorpio. You do that then!-
    I have been. Megatron is inserting the chip into Sam to find out where the autobots are hiding (My idea).
    Replying to Cmacc:
    I know but most parents wont take there kids to see a film like that if they believe it is to rude that is why the film was a 12A and i believe that if the age rating was lower they would have had more people watching it.
    P.s There is no need to be rude


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