Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coloring Books Gives TF2 Spoilers?

Image scans of a Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen coloring book may provide a few spoilers for the movie. The various images suggests that Agent Simmons is critical in stopping Devastator, contradict Bay's recent statement of Megatron only appearing in flashback, Sam's dad is going to be less then pleased with what happens to his lawn, the sliver plays an important part in the story and retains the AllSpark's power, Wheelie's wandering loyalties (see bio) causes problems for Mikaela, and the Decepticon's go to Egypt to retrieve an "ancient machine" that is aimed at the Sun.

Below are a few pictures but the full gallery can be found here. Thanks to Chris for the link.



  1. FFFFFF--Fizz--irst!!!

  2. Second! :D

  3. I can't believe I'm about to say this:

    Due to a child's coloring book I've become even more "PSYCHED" for RotF

    I'm Pathetic

  4. dang it-----------now i am 4th and also 5th

    btw-----the puzzle w/the SUN reference is "DESTROY IT"

  5. A few things made me laugh:

    #1--Why the hell does Simmons look like a 'milk man' from the 50's??

    #2--If you remember Sam's room from the first one--it was a MESS....I like the fact he draws on his own wall yet he has the decency to hang up his shirt on the hook

    #3--Is it me or does Bumblebee look like he's going to point his blaster directly at the base of his temple for ruining the Witwicky house?

    I'm sorry for making anyone read this UN-FUNNY material!!

  6. How does this show us anything new that we didn't already know? We know that sam babbles on and draws symbols due to a description by someone during filming. We know Megatron comes back. The rest are just action shots that don't tell us anything new.

  7. ^^^So you are saying that you knew an Insecticon would try to extract info from Sam while Megs held him down??

    You knew that Mikaela kept the all-spark so Sam wouldn't carry the burden??

    You knew that Devastator would be guarding the Pyramid for the Fallen in the final battle??

    You knew that the Witwicky's house would be destroyed by the 'appliance-cons'??

    You knew that we would see a power struggle between Megs & Screamer??

    Please TELL US MORE!!!!!

  8. god, Numetheus, just shut up! stop whining about what's posted here, the guy posts what he deems interesting/important enough, and you don't have and won't ever have any say in it.

  9. i would say.. its the biggest spoiler we ever got. Look at Jetfire and his beard^^ just amazing.. i think the story will be ten times better than in the first one! I mean Meg is back, the Fallen want revenge, devastator and a big battle in front of pyramids, starscream wants the power and confronts just epic

  10. Man, a lot of people have been upset by what they are seeing in this coloring book. They figured, "WTF, Wheelie being stupid? Jetfire being a crusty old man? Simmons killing Devastator? A machine blowing up the sun? This movie is gonna be LAME!!!" I can't believe some people would base their perceptions on the contents of a child's coloring book, it ain't a screeplay.

  11. I agree with the third poster-person...I have become even more excited for this film based on quickly-drawn 2-D images in a children's colouring book.

    Is that only A LITTLE pathetic?

  12. there's nothing pathetic looking at or excited for a children's book. sometimes you like what you see or read.



  14. Yet I ask. What could be under that Pyramid??? hm...

  15. the machine will be a space bridge, or some way of using the suns energy to re-power Cybertron!

  16. I'm not feeling Jetfire being old and with a cane for that matter! WTF is that all about, he's a robot, robots don't get old! I also hope Bay and company don't make this out to be a laugh fest, the majority of the people that saw TF1 was in their 30's! I know...I saw it in the theaters 5 times. Please for the love of God Bay, don't kill it!

  17. I dont see a problem with a robot being old. Of course it can old if not maintained for a long, long time. Maybe his joints need a bit of oiling or something and he don't have a medic like Ratchet about to fix parts or upgrade him, heck I dunno. Don't understand the complaints about Jetfire being old at all. To me even the little we know about him makes me more interesting than his G1 self which was only really popular because he had a large, highly articulated toy (which he looked nothing like)

  18. i hope wheelie is only in it for 5 secconds because at the moment i only feel he's in there to please the kids
    ps.will probably make a crappy spinoff called "wheelie and friends" where he gets into lots of addorable hijinks with the kitchen bots

  19. "TF1 was in their 30's! I know...I saw it in the theaters 5 times. Please for the love of God Bay, don't kill it!"

    Wrong nationwide surveys show that this film was watched mostly by college kids 18-26. There were a lot of people in there 30s but seriously it attracted a large demographic because it was funny and had kickass action.

  20. Also most of the 30 year olds in the theaters brought kids they usually brought 1-2 kids with them so for every 30 year old dad there were 2 kids. That tips the favor in pleasing the kids which honestly is what this film should aim to do Transformers has always been meant for kids. Don't belive me how old were you when you first got into it.

  21. hmmm, few queries here.

    #1 I wonder if the 'Fallen' was banished to the Sun (thus covered in flames and is shown surrounded by flames in the comic preview when talking to Megatron through the 'magic mirror' ?!?!) ) and the machine the Decepticons are after is what they need to release him from his 'prison' for his betrayel to the original '13' and when released 'teleports' to where he lands afore the soldiers in Egypt... the pyramids may be what is hiding the 'machine'... thoughts please

    #2 How is Devastator going to get to Egypt and up a pyramid? I was surprised to read that he emerged in China and not the US... I wanna see robots detroying and knocking over buildings and bridges... not making sand-castles!!!!!

    #3 Wheelie... why oh why are they calling this guy Wheelie?? Has no-one else considered his almost exact resemblance to Roller from G1?? I think TF2 could do without another 'Freny' and considering the appearance of ET and his brother (Skids & Mudflap) we don't need any more comic nonsense... like Daniel Criag did for Bond this movie should be dark, very very dark. I think Soundwave will help add to this this. If Wheelie is the rc car responsible for discovering Jetfire then I think this suits Roller's capabilities more... i.e. sneaking around spying. Think back to the Bhurma mines when Prime got blasted and Bumblebee and Sparkplug got captured... Roller was the hero then! Never saw him again! As soon as I saw this toy I thought... ROLLER!! Then the toy title said Wheelie... disappointed!! I hope Ironhide just steps on him!!!!

    #4 I'd like to see some more seekers under Starscream's command' Thundercracker was always a good scrapper, would be nice to see him. I just hope they've managed to do a top-nothc in keeping under wraps just how much we don't know yet! I hope I don't know about half of the TF's schedule to appear! That'd be awesome!!

  22. I'd like to know what the FUCK Simmons is going to do when he gets to the top of that pyramid with Devestator... HAHA...

  23. Simmons probably has on a pair of boxers that says "Devastate THIS"!!!!.......He's gonna get half naked at the top of the pyramid and start doing the "YMCA" with Devy and the Fallen........nice....

  24. The answer to the machine pointed at the sun is that it opens a portal releasing the fallen who is trapped in an alternate dimension and can only communicate via that strange artifact in the comics and his mind is also partly stored in Megatrons body keeping him alive when the Allspark overloaded him.

    Although the Crossword does reveal they would destroy the sun what would be the point and it doesn't explain the fallen or his return from the alternate dimension. I believe this is just to please the children kind of like the first films activity books like "Meet the decepticons" where the book ended with them being defeated and retreating and heading out into space whereas the film ended with most of them being killed.

    I have a huge feeling that Devastator may be the one who destroys the pyramid although it is going to be pretty hard to explain how all the autobots and decepticons seem to globe trot around the world incredibly quickly. Hopefully Megatron dies in this film because i really hoped we could have seen a huge return like the original film where he dies and is resurrected by unicron. However it seems Megatron like a Red sauce stain wont go away.

  25. why would you want to see megatron go away?
    megatron is awesome!

    i don't think we can believe what we see from these coloring books because the info could just be a way to please kids. may not translate onto the big screen that way.

    can't transformers fly? like when they landed on earth? so, getting around the world quickly shouldn't be a problem.

  26. Counterpunch3/14/2009 5:29 PM

    hey scorpio just shut up with your ASSUMPTION STORYLINE please. you are really irritating being like this.

  27. Sam isn't sure where he's seen of these penises. He just can't stop drawing them.

  28. Scorpio. Megatron never died in the 1984 Cartoon. He was still functioning. Or did Unicron have that conversation with a corpse before he turned him into Galvatron? I suggest you go back and look again. Oh and by the way...


    You want to argue? Let me point something out that you don't know. I have been a solid Transfan all my life and I am well into my 30's and can afford a VERY large collection of Transformers memorabilia.

    I have ALL the comics
    I have ALL the toys, including the original Japanese toys, like "Convoy" (Prime).
    I have ALL the G1 cartoon scripts
    and most important of all...

    I have no FUCKIN idea what the plot of this movie is.

    Very few people do. The voices are still being added FFS. Hell, for all we know there may even be a few re-shoots done (Happens a lot at the last minute).

    So there is absolutely no way you could possibly know what will happen. Even the actors don't. Do you think even they get handed a full script? Or do they just get their bits.

    It is nice to speculate, but please, for the love of god please say things like

    "I think" or "Maybe" or "I hope".

    Anything else will simply get up peoples noses and make you look like a pratt.


  29. Holy shit, this is the hardest coloring book i've ever seen, I can't keep it between the lines at all.

  30. Who says the autobots have to get around the world to Egypt really quickly? Oh, and Anon the Autobots can't fly. Those were their protoforms hitting earth after they were ejected from what will "Hopefully" turn out to be the ark which is "Hopefully" on the moon. So they can't just fly over there.

    And the next person to say Superion gets a Melvin.

  31. lol jimthebard..... too many people do that here.. another thing i hate is when they reference the prequel comics, as if they have anything to do with the movies. its been said over and over, comics are not canon, in fact the writers of the comics havent even seen a script either, its laughable. i do believe no one outside of bay and orci know what the real plot is

  32. Don't get me started Yankeesrule. Did you read "Ghosts of Tomorrow"?

  33. Fuck, I meant "Ghosts of Yesterday" by Alan Dean Foster.

  34. It's the only piece of work that has the words "Official prequel".

  35. that red sauce stain never leaves.

  36. It's the only piece of work that has the words "Official prequel".

    Um, no? Check your info before you write something...

  37. Holy Shit jimthebard, have you ever been laid? Really, I have never seen someone give a shit about Transformers, until I read your little rant on Transformers.
    Fuckin' homo.

  38. correction: ...until I read your little rant ABOUT Transformers.
    You must be the biggest fuckin' homo I have ever met.

  39. the prequel Comics by IDW are official meaning they are working with people to create a cohesive world. and they have scripts, and treatments to tie in with marketing, its just a normal way of working.

    you act like the script is fort knox, sure shmoes on messageboards don't know but people tied to merchandising certainly do.

    i've worked with other marketing before, people involved with product get heads up on directions long before a title is released. you have to, you cant wait till a release date to get info.

    case in point, look at the coloring book. you still think the plot is so secret?

  40. transformers do get old they are born, mature, get old, and die like any life form. for instance kup is an old transformer.

    jetfire having what looks like facial hair is okay Alphatrion i think thats his name has facial hair.

    i just want the voice actors that did the cartoon do the voice work on all the transformer movies.

  41. Killing Time3/14/2009 10:35 PM

    Seibertron has pictures of Chromia.

    it was a model listed in one of the previous posts here that i had no idea who/what it was. its apparently one of the bikes.

  42. Selective Realism3/14/2009 11:25 PM

    I take it Sideswipe and his wheels for feet wont be doing anything in Egypt.

  43. unknown voyager autobot Transformer from Transformers Revenge of The Fallen. This previously unrevealed figure comes with a small Optimus Prime figure that it can transport in it's cargo bay.

  44. Just cos something is made to be compatible with the movie world does not mean it is official. I said the book was the only one with the words "Official Prequel", and if you knew the book you would know it was to the TF1 film. But I don't expect you to be able to read a book without pretty little pictures. And as to me being a homo, grow up. Show yourself Anon and quit the name calling. Me, I don't hide from nothing. Hell, click on my name here and I am the one in the middle. IF you want to call me Homo to my face you'll find me at Stonehenge on any of the days we advertise on our site and i'll introduce you to my son. Over 30,000 people got my back. Who's got yours? Punk kid.

  45. Stonehenge Druids!? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, oh my god. Talk trash all you want Jim, you think you can do something, but your little endeavors amount to nothing. It is you who is the punk kid, you should know by now the internet is no place to take seriously, especially on a blog dedicated to giant transforming robots from outer space. I hope you enjoyed your tantrum, everyone here now knows it was YOU who had it.

  46. I said the book was the only one with the words "Official Prequel"

    No, it's not the only one. Just because yousay/want so, doesn't mean it is. Comic books from IDW are also official prequels, like it, or not.

  47. Over 30,000 people got my back.

    And you are saing, tht you are not homo...?

  48. I know people are excited....but damn....why must SOME people feel it necessary to post half a Fan-Boy fantasy script in a damn blog???? On a constant basis???....

    To the Jim long did it take ya to get all dem Transformers??? many of them are there in total??? LOL.....Must've cost ya a purrrrty penny mandingo!!! LOL...unless you got some of those 30,000 people to help you collect 'em.....hmm......N E ways....

    Like i of pyramid......"YMCA".........homos

  49. Jimthebard, went to your website. I rest my case. ANYONE WHO DRESSES LIKE A FREAKIN' ELF IS A FREAKIN' GAYLORD!

  50. 30,000? Riiiiiiight, you countin' the other gay spirits from another realm or something?

  51. I read Transformers: Ghost of Yesterday as a matter afact I have it. It's very cohesive with the original story line for the movie. Some parts don't click exactly but that's how it goes. It's a really good book and extremely close to the movie. Also with the Prequel books they just tell of what happened before they don't always exactly explain everything sometimes they can be kind of vague. But I believe the prequel IDW comic stayed fairly close to the book. However some stuff may have changed after the writer had finished the story from the current plotline that is known to happen. Usually it doesn't work to stray too far away from the plotline you need to stay with it to a certain extent or not too many people will want to read your book

  52. So your calling the fastest growing belief structure in the western world gay guys? Do you want to get this blog shut down?

    Druids are pretty cool people as far as I know and have been persecuted by Christians for hundreds of years. It looks like this guy is one of the more important ones. I saw Stonehenge on TV last summer and there were thousands there and at least they are they only ones who give a fuck about the planet. They worship nature!

    Just Youtube Stonehenge Solstice and you'll see.

    Respect to jimthebard. Especially for his sweet collection.

  53. The point Anon 4:57PM was that I don't hide behind an anonymous name and sling personal shit. I am fully open to anyone knowing what I am about and what I do. Even if it looks Gay to a small minded cretin like you.

    So now I have to strongly consider my options. I could drop it and let Fuckwits like you win.

    Or I could make a big fat suggestion to the Blog owner.

    Dear Blog Owner,

    A poster on your site has belitteled my religious beliefs which falls under the UN's religious discrimination act as a criminal offence to keep published in an open space.

    IT is up to you how you deal with it but might I suggest you either Vet all the responses before they hit the page or stop people from being able to post anonymously.

    Also, unless your blog has the capacity, why don't you block the IP's of those that sling personal abuse.

    You want the best blog? Tidy up the responses.

  54. Not to take away from the above post (which might need to be emailed to the owner cause there have been some racist comments on here also), but I think we are all missing the most important thing here...

    From what the coloring book shows... Wheelie gets B-slapped... Bonus...

  55. person gets their "feelings" hurt...then the "religion" thing...then they threatend to TRY and shut down this blog....grow a pair....damn...plenty of people fuck with me on here but i dont give a damn....i take it/respond....then MOVE ON......

    i do agree that the people that post under anonymus and talk shit and just mess with people on here sharing their OPINONS should be IP blocked......but hey...what can ya do?

  56. That machine on the top of that pyramid is space bridge. I've seen one space bridge in Defiance issue 2 cover. It's similar than in Transformers: Animated. The Fallen is prisoned to other dimension. That space bridge is way to release him.

  57. "why would you want to see megatron go away? megatron is awesome!"

    Scorpio says:
    Megatron is a cool character one of my favorites however i would like to have had one film where starscream was the main character and seeing as we have The Fallen and Devastator do we really need Megatron in this film.

    "hey scorpio just shut up with your ASSUMPTION STORYLINE please. you are really irritating being like this."

    You have the right to voice your opinion so surely i can voice mine. Besides if you dont like my posts ignore them.

    Replying to Jimthebard:

    Sorry i got that a bit mixed up. I thought when Unicron reformatted him that he technically died and was reborn. My mistake. Sorry. Also i am not trying to fight or annoy anyone. I also used those words "I think" or "Maybe" or "I hope" in the posts. Also i never mentioned anything about these films being exactly the same as G1 although i know in many fans hearts including my own that we would prefer to have a Original movie style Unicron in live action.

    To everyone:

    Why is everyone using so much language on this blog as proven by many people on this thread. There is no need for all this and i know most the people on this blog are responsible adults. Please try to cut down on language who knows who could be reading this Blog.

  58. Replying Jimthebard
    "Show yourself Anon and quit the name calling"
    Good point if people are going to come onto this blog and name call just to annoy people they should be blocked. Although it is unfortunate but it seems the owner of this blog only visits to add updates and sometimes post if the blog is broken although i suppose he could add a system to stop abuse.

    P.s. Sorry for all the long posts and abuse i have made on this blog over the course i have been on here.

  59. Jim our problem is not with your religion, it's that you think you're better than all of us, your hubris has blinded you to the other possible forms of prequels, just be a little more open minded man.

  60. All I can say is that you should be in a newspaper. You should most definitely be recognized for your work. Its not every day that I get to see art like yours. Go ahead, publish your stuff because I guarantee you that you will be noticed amongst millions of other viewers! Go ahead, take advantage of your talent, you got it!

  61. Jim our problem is not with your religion, our problem is witch you thinking, that you are fuckin center of the universe.

  62. Jim our problem is not with your religion, but with you, being a dick.


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