Monday, April 06, 2009

Devastator, Mixmaster and Other Toy Pics once again provides the cool new Transformer 2 toy images. This time an excellent look at artwork and early look at the combined form of Devastator. The images do match the toy seen at Toy Fair but it indicates only six Constructions, rather than the seven that was reported last week. Note that the vehicle images used are easy to find via a Google image search.

In addition here is the first look at Deluxe Mixmaster. Note though that the Deluxe class toys do not have the ability to combine into Devastator (separate set of toys for that). Also get a look at Jetfire (note his "cane") but I have no idea what class he is (Voyager?). Then there is Power Bots Megatron, Human Alliance Bumblebee and another look at Deluxe Barricade that look so close to his first movie look (rather than a repaint) that it makes me think he might just be in the sequel. Thanks to Gregory for some of the pictures and Michael, Phil and Gregory for the link.
DevastatorMixmasterJetfireHuman Alliance BumblebeeBarricadePower Bots Megatron


  1. omg the top left image of devs has convinced me that he'll be freakin awesome and he looks more cooler than other pics ive seen.

  2. ^^ AGREE ^^ A 'grinder vortex'?? Say G'nite JOLT!!!

    BTW the Jetfire toy is a 'flipped' image of the LEADER class

  3. yeh jetfire looks fairly cool even with his cane. its quite original actually

    btw aswell love the huge grinder vortex on devs


  4. Now I know why Bay says Arcee's death is not focused on---she ends up biting the bullet through Devastator's Vortex of Doom {as Scorp called it}

    I say this b/c I still think the Spyders are what the ladies change into for the desert scenes.

  5. I wish we could get a high-res CGI render of the Devastator image top left.

    This time in 2007 several high-res scans were available of the characters, none this time =(

  6. Idiots who posed Bumblebee got his LEGS BACKWARD.


    I swear the gray concept toys guys got it down for posing but as soon as any toy hits the Marketing Dept after paint production, nobody actually CARES. Case in point, many of the vehicles in the shots still have open seams and awkward poses. Sorry, just my thoughts.

  7. So that is Mixmaster's robot mode. He has also two legs and two arms like normal robot. Demolishor has wheel instead of leg, And Rampage has four legs with two arms. I can't wait until I see robot modes of Scrapper and Hightower (it's still without confirmation Overload's appreance and that Hightower doesn't have robot mode).

  8. -Vortex of Doom {as Scorp called it}-
    Thanks for the refrence.

    Now onto the Devastator/Mixmaster first impressions:
    The image shown a while back of a human with two cars flying in the air above him will most likely feature in an attack by Devastators Vortex Of Doom.
    Mixmasters head seems very similar to Rampage`s and Bonechrusher`s heads.
    The Supreme sized Devastator still isnt at all appealing to me. Personally i might only get it if the price is drasticly reduced.
    The design for Devastator defininetly confirms he is only made of six constructicons. What this means about Bay`s Overload charecter is unknown however it is now presumed to be part of his Misinformation campaign.
    Mixmaster seems a little mistransformed because of the kibble i would have wanted him to be able to spray cement though . . .

    Replying to Iceburn:
    Wellcome to the blog :)

    The reason there are not many CGI images is because Bay has had no reason to release them. During the making of the first film Micheal Bay`s computer was hacked and someone posted the leaked plot online. Bay responded by telling all the names of the robots in the film. However then people in the company started to leak Concept art and finally they just released a few CGI models.

    P.s. Does anyone know where we can find larger versions of this concept art.

  9. Devastator looks absolutely freaking awesome! PREPARE FOR EXTERMINATION!

  10. I hope devastor does not have a weak ending. I hate when cool characters die weak. Lucas is the master of this. Darth Maual, Boba Fett etc. Anyways devastor looks awsome. What I would love to see is he survives the second movie, and then in the third movie we see the dinobots. Here's how, by now the humans (who only get in the way except for Meghan Fox :) know transformers exist thus no need to hide in alt forms. Needing some autobots with sure brute strength, they get some dinosaurs and wall lah, we have the dinobots.

  11. Devs looks SICK! Man I can't wait to see him in the movie!

  12. like some anonymous said mix master looks more "humanish" than other constructicons like rampage who looks like some sortof spider thing so thats good and i like the idea of him shootin cement at someone.

    p.s will there be another tf2 trailler anytime soon


  13. I'm enjoying the fact that there seems to be a painstaking effort to keep things in the movie under wraps. To date, the most significant story spoilers have come from a coloring book. Granted, we'll see more over the next couple months (other leaks, full trailer) and the whole story will be all over the place after the novelization is released...but it's nice to see some film maker's trying their best to maintain some secrecy.

  14. -p.s will there be another tf2 trailler anytime soon-

    Apparently there is a rumored third trailer which will be released in a few weeks. Also there will be small Clip trailers soon such as the one with Megatron chasing sam through a building which was released when TF1 was in cinema`s.

    I want a CGI Devastator art NOW!

  15. mixmaster looks cool, im just wondering where they get their forms from, some crash in the ocean, some crash in eygpt some crash in euro, dosent seem like likely places to find alot of american construction equip. i mean maybe at a dig site in eygpt but correct me if im wrong usally thats done with a shovel and pick not a back hoe and crane and there sure as fuck aint any on a aircraft carrier

  16. Why the hell would a giant robotic dinosaur be a better form to fight with than a giant bipedal robot? I never understood that. If the dinobots ever show up (and not the dynobots, reference to NO dino alt-mode) in the movieverse, this franchise has seriously jumped the sharkticon!

  17. I wanted to run something by you Scorp.

    In the Devastator RPM toy-track-set thingy as the car starts at the top it appears that a Giant ball {similar to INDY Jones} follows the car down the tack. What if this was a scene in the movie and it would be made of cememnt. I have a feeling that his grinder vortex works both ways. Could you imagine seeing this guy open up his jaws like an Anaconda and a GIANT ball of cement {preferably wet} comes rolling out trapping Autobots inside it and crushing them and hardening in the hot Egypt sun.

    Just a thought.


  18. Man they were'nt messin around when they came up with devastator... So is he loyal to Starscream or Megatron... Or does he just not give a crap as long as he is tearin some crap up?

  19. Well Im actually impressed with Devastator design. In the very beginining I got out of my head is him looking like the G1 version. The first pic we all saw of him, i wasnt convicted, but now i am. Hes going to be an awesome character the same way we all thought the first time we saw him in G1.

  20. The Constructicons were pretty dumb in G1, I wonder how they will fair this go round.
    Here is some 3rd film I was thinking about.

    1.Vector Prime has to talk to Optimus to tell him Why Primes are/were the chosen protectors of Cybertron.

    2.Cliffjumper should come in as Bumblebee's twin brother, but have a diffrent alt mode, maybe a 2009 HHR.

    3.Ultra Magnus should come in as a real bad ass. The angry I don't givw a *&^% Autobot.

    4. Megatron should realize he has been played by Uni/The Fallen and go ape $%^&.

  21. replying from essex, i like your ideas. especially ultra magnus coming in the third film would be great.

    my ideas are...

    1. unicron is the big bad guy.

    2. optimus might die and maybe leave the matrix to bumblebee or something.

    3.megatron goes crazy with unicrons power which he obtains somehow and practically kills himself by "overloading"

    my ideas are farfetched but theres a possibilitie it could happen.till then...


  22. Something i noticed - the bottom left concept pic of devastator you can kind of see 2 cars thrown, well remember this pic - ?

    hopefully it will be the same scene!

    God im far too excited about this film


  23. And then to this old pic from 2007 - - look at the head! its devs!


  24. Replying to L.M. :

    You bring out some good points. Although the ball could just be a gimmick for the toy. Another way the ball could be made is if it is the remains of all the things Devastator has crushed because i remember someone saying he sucks everything in, Crushes it, then spits it out.

    Replying to Essex and MAC:
    Already voicing opinions on TF3? Well i think i should join in :)

    Please note this is a plot which does not include Unicron just incase film makers cant include him for some reason:

    1. Optimus prime is dying and there is no way to save him.
    2. As Prime dies as an elite group of Autobots led by Ultra Magnus arrive on earth consisting of Ultra Magnus, Prowl and Blur.
    3. Prime gives the Matrix to Ultra Magnus as he says Bumblee bee is a good soldier but not ready to lead. The Allspark Fragment left within primes chest glows slightly.
    4. As the Decepticons swell there armies with more new arrivals from Cybertron, Sam has to deal with the fact that Ultra Magnus is planning to take the Transformers off Earth.
    5. A Military Aircraft carrier is attacked and Tidal wave scans his new altmode.
    6. With Decepticons all grouping together Ultra Magnus prepares the Autobots for there last stand at Long Beach.
    7. The Decepticons have totaled the place leaving a smoking Battle ground. There are over 100 robots on each side.
    8. As the battle continues Blur kills many robots in quick succsesion. Megatron faces off against Ultra Magnus and Sideswipe. He defeats them easily. Bumblee bee attacks Megatron and cuts off one of his arms and slices his face.
    9. The Autobots are much weaker now even as the sky clouds with more flying Decepticons. In a last ditch attempt the Autobots are hit back and surrounded.
    10. A huge explosion rocks the Battlefield. The Decepticons all look up to see Optimus prime his Ion Blaster smoking slightly.
    11. Megatron faces Prime in a quick battle in both land and air. Eventually Optimus kills Megatron and leaves his body in the Battle ground.
    12. The surviving Decepticons flee as the autobots cheer however with Megatrons death a new villain would arrive soon as the protoforms flee off past the moon the shadow of a huge claw slowly passes along it.

    13. The Autobots decide that due to the threat of Decepticon retaliation they must leave however Prime leave Bumblee bee to look after the humans appointing him as his second in command.

    There. Leaves way for a sequel and possible resurection of Megatron. It also explains what happened to the fragment inside prime and how it will affect him.

    P.s. This means that prime is technically immortal.

    Also to all those people who see the car in the bottom left concept art that is from the leaked pic i said about in the last thread.


    Scalpel (doctor) video review

  26. Scorpio said:- 2. As Prime dies as an elite group of Autobots led by Ultra Magnus arrive on earth consisting of Ultra Magnus, Prowl and Blur. <----- if you consider Blurr to be a part of an elite group of Autobots Im really gonna flip.

    An elite group of Autobots should consists of the most powerful 'Bots around. Dinobots, Monsterbots, Aerialbots, Protectobots, Technobots & Omega Supreme. Sub-groups by default is an elite unit.

    I never really rate Ultra Magnus. Hot Rod should be the one as the leader of this "elite" Autobots.

    And please dont ever forget Broadside.

  27. I like the look of the new devastator, not sure how I feel yet about his whale shark mouth.

  28. Here are some more notes.
    1.Cliffjumper becomes Mikeala's car
    2.Hot Rod is a Amx 4 car
    3.Blaster is a Navigator Truck with a boomin system.
    4.Ultra Magnus arrives and is upset with Optimus.(Magnus is a very skilled scientist as well as a kickass fighter)
    5.Optimus realizes that they are gonna need Autobots that can fly. Directs newcomers to scan jets/small aircraft.

    1.Shockwave sends a message to Megatron that he has lost focus and that he may intervene.
    2.Megatron starts to hear voices(Unicron)
    3.Scourge arrives on earth and just starts killing people.

  29. Essex - Cliffjumper died on Mars in the ' Reign of Starscream' comics. Killed by Starscream.

    They reissued a new toy of Blaster. His new alt-mode is a F-117 Nighthawk bomber.

    The only Autobot flyers from the ' Reign of Starscream' comics are:-

    Air Raid ( killed by Starscream)
    Skyblast ( on Cybertron)
    Wingblade ( on Cybertron)

  30. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/06/2009 3:15 PM

    this is not about toys but ABOUT THE FILM. does any 1 else think sam dies . do u remember that pic that got leaked on the internet that showed megan fox and josh duhmel kneeling over a body with a sheet on it with blood on the eygpt scene.

  31. No, I dont rember that Pic! post the Link!

  32. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/06/2009 3:52 PM

    paramount removed it due to copyright .it was at white sands.the pic came with a set report from some random person . the set report shud still be on hear somewhere

  33. "Devs looks SICK! Man I can't wait to see him in the movie!"

    Is your name kyle because you remind of someone I know. I agree though

  34. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/06/2009 4:37 PM

    who r u on about

  35. To Scorpio:Why are constantly saying Bumblee bee? It's Bumblebee!

  36. To Score pee o' Why are constantly saying Bumblee bee? It's Bum bull bee


  37. The cement mixer, is definately blackout for the fact that the body has some of the original parts of blackout. And the purple figure, is going to be with megatron because since sam is red, his with the autobots and the purple figure, which was with sam who's a pretender, is going to be a decepticon.

  38. What a stupid idea. If Demolishor is not borned from dead Decepticons,so aren't Rampage, Long Haul, Mix Master and others.

  39. -To Scorpio:Why are constantly saying Bumblee bee? It's Bumblebee!-
    Sorry i`ll use the other spelling from now on :)
    Replying to Punch:
    I would include blurr because he is fast and could make a good spy i not all that good at fighting. You may get your wish of Omega Supreme bieng in this film as a new Toy review just posted this link of a very familar robot we have all seen under a new name:

  40. Also theres the (Spoilers) Transformer (American rip off) Animated series which had blurr as some member of an autobot elite guard.

  41. So, you have watched Transformers Animated series too. Blurr was killed by Longarm Prime, head of Cybertron Intelligence, who is really Decepticon double agent Shockwave. Shockwave also attacked ultra magnus and stole his Magnus Hammer (artifact used by Autobot leader (just like in other continuities the Matrix of Leadership).

  42. Forgot about Cliff getting clipped. Maybe we can bring him back? Have him crawl out from the rubble?

  43. Transformers are an American rip off? how so?
    Megatron, Optimus Prime are all american creations. before Hasbro bought the toy idea they were nothing more than soulless mechs driven by people.

    learn your TF history dude.

  44. Scorp thanx for the link. So its gonna be Omega Supreme vs Devastator... finally

  45. That larger plane is not Omega Supreme. Sorry to dash your hopes.

  46. I agree with the comments about the prototype ones being far better posed and transformed. The gray Bee is far better looking cos of that. Devastator looks fantastic even without color.

  47. -Scorp thanx for the link. So its gonna be Omega Supreme vs Devastator... finally-

    Hopefully they draw so there can be an introduction of Bruticus or the Dinobots in the third film.

    Warning the following Sections contatine spoilers for Transformers Animated.
    Replying to Anonymous at 12:15PM:

    I know the TF History i am merely stating that because of all the changes and stuff they made in animated it ruined the Transformers. For example Sentinel Prime is an idiot who betrays the rest of the Autobots when making deals with Lockdown. Also they copied the Fantastic four series by designing Headmasters Robot in the shape of Galactus`s head. He was one of the things that made me hate TFA constantly saying Total Owenage or Noob. Seriously that stuff sucked.

    Replying to Anonymous at 7:54AM:

    I`ve seen it but i believed that the plot was a bit messed up as Wreck Gar should have returned. The Constructicons should have become Autobots because they wernt Decepticons at the time they invaded the Autobot base. Blurr shouldnt have died that fast he should have been in it for more episodes. The Dinobots should have became Autobots. There should have been more backstory on Blitzwing i want to know how he became mad and got three faces. Also when writing about shows or films its best to put a spoiler warning thanks :)

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  49. Wolverine was a Disaster. Someone should feed Dev Gavion Hood for crappiong all over a comioc legend.

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