Saturday, April 25, 2009

ROTF World Premiere in Japan (Updated)

From a link posted on TFW2005, it appears the World Premiere for Transformers 2 is scheduled for June 8th at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan with Michael Bay, Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox attending. The site with the info is here (and a translation would be appreciated).

Update: Using Google, Dom and Scorpio provided the below translation of the article. Since a computer translation, it has rough edges but you can get the gist of what is being said. Long story short, Japan is getting the world premiere as it is the birth place of Transformers (via Takara). If I remember right, I do believe the very first Transformer was a dark brown Megatron (yes the gun) in 1979.
07 to the hit record published in the SF blockbuster, "Transformers" sequel, and four days earlierthan the United States will be published June 20 in Japan, the world's fastest "Transformers / Revenge" . The world premiere will be at the unveiling of the world's first film, in Tokyo June 8 TOHO was decided at the Roppongi Hills SHINEMAZU. According to this, director Michael Bay, Shire of RABUFU star, Megan Fox, who plans to visit Japan.

July 3 is the original 1907 opening date is in 1900 North America 300 million dollars, all in world record 700,000,000 grossed 800 million dollars. In the same year in Japan was published in the August 4 date, fun revenue and 41 billion yen was a big hit, DVD has sold 64 million copies.

"Transformers", was released TAKARATOMI 85 years, the original toy robot that transforms into various vehicles, such as. The latest "Transformers / revenge" of the Transformers toys come from TAKARATOMI May 30 will be released on Sunday.

Steven Spielberg's and accomplished, following the original recently, and coach bay is said to have seen a rush of people in this film, in doing so, to further scale-up from the original content, "if this SUGO it! "divulging that exclamation. The previous total of 12 transformers of the body appeared in the film is more than five times over 60 new and original from 5000 and cost 100 million dollars, twice the number reported three billion dollars.

The blockbuster that sort of "place of birth" will be unveiled the first in Japan, but is likely to receive attention from around the world.


  1. Here is the Translations:
    The title Translation is:

    “Transformer/[ribenji]” world premiere, in Japan opening decision!

    Ok here is the writing Translated:

    In the continuation of SF super Daisaku “transformer” which records hit, 4 days on June 20th worldwide most speed it is released more quickly than America in Japan “transformer/[ribenji]”. The world premiere which becomes the place of worldwide first announcement of this work, on June 8th being done with Tokyo TOHO [shinemazu] Roppongi Hills it decided. It adjusts to this, [shiyaia] [rabuhu] of the Michael bay and starring of supervision, the schedule where also the [migan] fox and others visits Japan. The previous production the All-American is released on July 3rd of 07, 319,000,000 dollar, in the entire world recording the entertainment earnings of 708,000,000 dollar in North America. Besides the fact that even in Japan it was released on August 4th of the same year, became large hit of interest taking in 4,100,000,000 Yen, DVD sold 640,000. The robot toy where [takaratomi] sold “the transformer”, in 85, becomes deformed in the various vehicles and the like is original. Up-to-date work in also the toy “of transformer/the transformer which appears [ribenji]”, from [takaratomi] is sold on May 30th. Following to the previous production, [suteibun] [supirubagu] which serves production entire direction is conveyed that some days ago you looked at the rush of this work with just bay supervision and 2 people, but at that time, from the previous production furthermore the scale in the contents which were raised “this [sugo] it is!”With voice of admiration was leaked, so. With the previous production the transformer of the total 12 body appeared, the pattern where, but with this work 60 bodies or more which exceed the 5 times appears, production expense from 150,000,000 dollar of previous production, to 300,000,000 dollar of 2 times reaches. Such a super Daisaku, in a manner of speaking “area of birth” in Japan which is to be quickest comes to the point of dispersing the veil, may come to the point of receiving the expectation from in the world.

    Thats the Translation of everything.

    P.s. The writing directly underneath the picture is not related to Transformers :)

  2. Also i have tried many times to tell you this but here are some new movie posters:

    The Translation is something like this:

    Posters of Revenge of the Fallen

    Only plus a small notice, and later I go to sleep… I found these for sales in the English Amazon and found intressante to postar here:

    It was good if it had this in greater there, would give one exelente Wallpaper for the PC!

    Please make this a new post.

  3. its shit work, and for 1 those aren't movie posters, 2 he has spammed this at least 3 times.


  5. Evidently you havent followed everything this guy does for this blog anonymous...this guy goes out of his way to find something rotf when news is slow so try and keep up b4 commenting.

  6. been here for a long time
    those images were not new, nor were they movie posters.

  7. in fact, here is a better link to those images (which give us no info)

    like was said earlier, its stock art fitted to children's designs.

    same prime appears on the novel too but darkened, and on the drinking cups we saw, puzzle etc.

    not news worthy.

  8. this guy is a bad blogger

  9. Pickleforthepeople4/26/2009 1:26 AM

    -its shit work, and for 1 those aren't movie posters, 2 he has spammed this at least 3 times.-

    I saw those on TFW2005 a while ago and it said they were posters. I can see why he might be confused. Besides even if they wernt movie posters then they are comic art which hasnt been added as a topic yet.

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