Saturday, April 25, 2009

Linkin Park Working on RoTF Song, Score

Mike Shinoda, member of Linkin Park, has officially confirmed that the band is working on the score and a song for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as mentioned the other day.
BREAKING NEWS: Linkin Park will be working on the score for Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen.

Although I wasn't at liberty to say it before, the song I've been referencing here on in the past few actually being done for Michael Bay's new Transformers film, due out June 24th.

In addition--and probably ever cooler--we have been offered the unique opportunity to help score the film. The song we wrote is being used as one of the themes, and we will be writing various interpolations on that theme, and trying out some other thematic ideas as part of the (very large) team scoring the film.
My bandmates and I are working with award-winning film composer (and resident ass-kicker) Hans Zimmer. We met with Hans last week, and heard some of the incredible things he and his guys have done with our new song. In the next few days, we'll be doing some work with Hans' amazing writing and recording crew.

Michael Bay has shown us select scenes from the film, and it looks incredible. I can't wait for you to see it.
The only part I am confused about is Steve Jablonsky is the composer for Transformers 2, not Hans Zimmer. My best guess is Zimmer is lending a hand since he is producing the score and Jablonsky works out of his Remote Control Productions studio. Shinoda has been talking about the album on his blog for a few weeks now along with posting pictures.

April 14th, 2009
Studio update: still making progress on the new album. Still working on that one song, too, ha. Things are going well. I thought I'd put up a few pictures of the guys for you to see. My favorite one is of me and Phoenix--it looks like I'm saying, "that bassline is so good." (I'm actually just talking to someone who's not in the frame)
March 28, 2009
We've been working on a new song in the past couple of weeks that has been a lot of fun. The backdrop for the song is built on layered, heavy synths and a sharp performance by Mr. Bourdon. We're keeping the drums a little looser on this track, not doing too much studio creates a nice interplay between the organic feel of the rhythm track and the more robotic feel of the keyboards. Bass and guitar are next, meanwhile Chester and I are emailing lyric notes back and forth...
Thanks to Hanna for the link.


  1. why them again?

  2. Heres a new topic.Okay people this is brand new :)

    I have links to a set of ROTF Posters here they are:

    I will translate it if someone can tell me the language, Thanks in advance :)

  3. I hate Linkin Park, Backstreet boys with guitars. why they couldn't use Testament's "More than meets the eye" is beyond me.

  4. because linkin park are awesome

  5. yea man Linkin Park are awesome!!! cant wait for the official trailer to hit...

  6. I was cool with them workin' on a song for the new movie, but the score?? I don't know about that.

  7. Linkin park is good he is one of the few music people who actually use there music to sell it to us rather than glamor models who just use there figure to sell the albums.

  8. C-MON michael,you said there will be a progressing onslaught right up to the movie release.....WELL??

  9. In my opinion this is the sort of music they should be aiming to match at the least:

    Freedom Fighters: Two Steps From Hell (Awesomeness)
    Batman Begins OST: Molossus (Power)
    Brian Tyler: Summon The Worms (Suspense)
    Halo 3: Never Forget (Emotional)

    However it needs to be Dark yet fun with lots of life and power. I also hope they include some of the old films score in this one such as what Halo did with Never Forget by rereleasing it and changing parts to make it better.

  10. Wow. Way to NOT mention Steven Jablonsky at all. I mean, it's HIS name on the credits of the theatre-standee. I can understand them mentioning Hans Zimmer, seeing as how Steve Jablonsky was once (or maybe still is) Zimmer's protege. But, I read somewhere (I can't remember where), that in the past, it was Jablonsky who helped Zimmer with film music, but for this film, Zimmer was helping Jablonsky.

    It's nice to see that Linkin Park is returning. I wonder what song of their's will be featured in this film? This scenario is kind of like when (along with making some songs for the film) helped Hanz Zimmer with the score of "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa".

  11. It's interesting to hear that LP will be working on a score. Even though I'm still ticked that they sold out and lost their sound, they still write good songs.

    But seriously, why did "What I've done" get such a big spot but Mute Math's "Transformers theme" not even get played in the movie? It was better and more fitting that "what i've done"

  12. oh yeah i actually liked the Mute Math theme, never heard it until maybe a year after i saw the movie. goes to show how heavily it was promoted.

  13. I found that MuteMath TF theme cringe-inducing personally. Awful. But Linkin Park are pretty bad too. In fact most of the songs used in the first film were bad except for a couple of old classics Bumblebee played on his radio.

  14. bring back Lion I say

  15. Hans is the Producer of the score, he was in the first movie, too. Steve is Hans' protege, so he's still helping him out. the credits on the very first trailer actually listed Steve as the composer.

  16. I'd love to hear some NRG "Instruments of Destruction" and Spectre General "Hunger" in the film! Even if they are only played on Bumblebee's radio, or quietly in the background, it would still be nice for the fans.

    I really loved the musical score that Jablonsky made for the first film, I felt that it was powerful (Autobots introduction), mysterious (Megatron in the Hoover Dam),and emotional (Bumblebee being captured). I honestly felt that it deserved at least the Academy Award nomination for "Best Original Score". THAT would've been quite a shock for those who felt that the only good thigns about the film were the technical achievements.

    As long as Jablonsky's score is released to the public, that will be all the music that I will need for the rest of my life. :)

  17. just to go off topic for a second, found this review of the game:
    was a pretty good read i thought and gives a bit mroe info on stuff in the game (well was new to me anyway!) such as the gun next to ironhide seen in the game trailer!


  18. For those of you who still want to see the showest montage b4 the new tailer GETS POSTED NEXT WEEK{hint hint} can download it to your hardrive from limewire

  19. If the song is like their song from the first movie, I wont mind

    That was the only LP song I EVER liked

  20. Mixmaster toy Bio,

    "resident chemist and explosives expert for the elite among the Decepticons, Mixmaster has spent his entire life learning all there is to know about chemical interaction. he can make thousands of poisons, explosive and deadly gasses from the materials around him. the other decpticons rely on him to fashion powerful warheads for their missiles, and dangerous venoms in which to coat their blades."

  21. "Bumbleebee, I'm going to college and you can't come."
    "DARE! Dare to keep all your dreams alive!"

  22. was thinking more the "whhhhhaaa whaaaaaaa" crying yell from Instruments of Destruction that bumblebee would use.

  23. Replying to DeceptiFreak:

    Wait a second. Does this mean that the Decepticons will use poison in this film? :)

    Hopefully so. It would be a sneaky way of attacking.

    Though i still think that another of the Constructicons would be a scientist. Hopefully Mixmaster uses a rocket concealed in the Mixing drum :)

  24. DeceptiFreak4/25/2009 3:58 PM

    if you read the bio, then you know just as much as me.

    that said, it sounds a bit as if the bio is made after the fact. they needed something for the toy box so there we are.

    i don't think a film has the time to go into character development for so many robots sadly.

    and talk about thrown together quickly , battle modes? i'll eat my hat if we see those in the movie. 2 hats if we see an attacking jackhammer.

  25. Aerialbots to the rescue!

  26. Have yall heard the coors commercial voiced over by peter cullen???

  27. mixmaster bio

  28. ^^^^^^^^^^^
    DeceptiFreak already posted that. But thanks for the larger pic :)

    Replying to DeceptiFreak:

    I guess so. Thanks :)

    I agree that it is a bit silly addin a third mode to every toy as well. I suppose it is just to get people a bit more interested in buying the toy.

  29. Ummm Mike hasn't been refering to the 'Transformer' album on his blog these past few weeks, he's been talking about Linkin PArk's new album. The movie score is a completely different project, the first time any of LP mentioned it was this last week.

    Im huge in the LP fandom lol I know these things =)

  30. Linkin Park rocks. They chosed the best band for the coolest movie for the summer. I know Linkin Park will come up with something great.


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